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Invitation to international 

competitive bid for the procurement of Core Switch 

Floating Date: As of September 04, 2020 

RFQ No. 4033113 

1. Ethio Telecom intends to invite all interested and eligible bidders by this INTER NATIONAL COMPETITIVE BID (ICB) for the Procurement of Core Switch with RFQ No 4033113 as shown in the table below. The Tender remains floating from September 04, 2020 to September 29,2020. 

No.Description of ItemsUnitQtyRFQ NoBid security amountFloating period
1Core Switch (Requirement is two switches per site can be racked in a single rack )pcs504033113400,000.00September 04, 2020 to Septem ber 30, 2020

2. Bid Documents can be obtained from Ethio Telecom’s Head Office, second floor, Room No. 207 during Office hours (Monday to Friday) upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Birr 100.00 (one hundred only)

3.All Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from ethio telecom website ( ) and inspect the bidding document upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Birr 100.00 (one hundred only) of in person from Head Quarter, 2nd Floor, and Room No. 207. 

3.1 Sealed bids marked as: “Tender for Supply of Core Switch sites with RFQ No. 4033113”: and be

addressed to: 

Ethio Telecom, Head Quarter 

Churchill Road 

Sourcing and Facilities Division 

2nd floor, Room No.211 B, 

P. O. Box 1047, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

3.2 Bid proposal will be received at the Churchill Road, Head Quarter 2nd floor, Room No. 211b on or before September 30, 2020 until 5:00P.M. Bids presented by any bidder after the closing date shall not be accepted. 

4. Bids received in time and fulfilling the other formalities shall be opened in the presence of interested bidders or their legal representatives at 10:00 A.M on October 01, 2020 at Churchill Road, Head Quarter 2nd floor, Room No.210. 

5.Bidders are seriously advised to read and comply with the instructions providedt’in this bidding document. 

6.Ethio telecom reserves the right to reject all or parts of this bid. 

7.Partial bid is not allowed. 

Ethio Telecom

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