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Invitation to Bids

[Procurement of Services of Hospitals and Individual Doctors on Credit Service Facility Basis]

  1. The Embassy of Pakistan, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia invites separate sealed bids from the Specialist Doctors and well-equipped hospitals located in capital city; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for medical indoor/out door treatment of embassy’s officers/staff on Credit Service Facility basis. Both the interested doctors and the hospitals shall have registration with the concerned authorities of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Single- Stage Two Envelope procedure shall be followed as provided in Public Procurement Rules, 2004 notified by the Government of Pakistan. 
  2.  Bidding documents (containing detailed scope, separate Technical and Financial Bids for Doctors and Hospitals, Evaluation criteria, etc.) available at under mentioned address can be collected free of cost within office working hours from 8000 to 1600 hours. The documents can also be downloaded from  free of cost.
  3. The Bidding documents complete in all respect and prepared in  accordance with the instructions must reach at address given below on or before 22nd January, 2020 at 1100 hours. The bids will be opened on the same day at 1130 hours. This advertisement is also available on PPRA, Pakistan’s website at

Muhammad Farooq

Deputy Head of Mission

Embassy of Pakistan

House No. 146, Arada sub city, Woreda 7, Dejazmach Wolde, Gebriel

Street, Near Gorgories School. P.O. Box No.19795, Addis Ababa.

Mobile No.+251 094 434 8362 

Senior Office No. +251-111 261439 

Fax Number +251-11261324Email address:

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