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The Somali Regional State, Youth, and Sport bureau invites wax sealed bids to all interested and eligible bidders with a renewed license, valid for 2011 EFY for procurement office furniture’s and construction or expansion office


1. Purchaser must have a valid trading license renewed for 2011 EFY, tax clearance certificate valid until the date of a deadline of bid submission, VAT registration /TIN/suppliers certificate and construction or expansion have to G4 license and certify quality certificate from SRS urban development bureau

2. Bid document can be purchased by interested bidders on the submission of a written application to the Bureau of youth and sports bureau finance, logistic, planning, and EMI’s support process upon submission of written application and a nonrefundable fee of 200 birr

3. All bids must be accompanied by bid security 2%(two percent) of bid price in the form of CPO or bank guarantee valid for a period of 60 days after bid opening insurance bond is not acceptable

4. A bid must be submitted to Somali regional state youth and sports bureau, finance; logistic, planning and EMIS support process after 15 days of the announcement of the newspaper at 10:00 AM.

5. Bids will be opened on the 16th day after the announcement on the newspaper at 10:00 AM in the presence of bidders or their legal representatives. Late bids shall be rejected bidders shall submit two envelopes <qualification information &bid security—in one envelope and <financial bid–separately in the other envelope and should be sealed and waxed in an outer envelope.

6, Evaluation is to be carried out in two stages, <preliminary and financial evaluations-first and<technical evaluation >of qualified bidders next.

7. The Somali Regional State Youth And Sport Bureau have a right to accept or reject the bid

Somali Regional State Youth and Sport Bureau

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The Ethiopian Herald: Wednesday March 20, 2019

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