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Tender for production & supplying of print documents

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenar be it ‘’GIZ Office Addis Ababa’’ would like to invite all interested & eligible printing companies  to submit their technical and financial offers for the supply of 250pcs of Flip-over with 20 full-page drawings followed by 20 text pages, 3750 pcs of Accordion comprising 20 segments 1 segment contains a drawing (top) + the key messages (bottom), 390 pcs Poster landscape color poster; 100pcs Topographical Wheat Suitability Map, 80pcs Administrative Map Arsi Zone & 234 pcs Woreda Administrative Map Woreda 1-8.


Bid reference number:91127517

 Deadline for submission:28.03.2019

Any eligible Printing Company which might be interested in accepting the GIZ-Office proposal for supplying the product is welcome to submit the offer (price & technical), direct to GIZ-Office, located at Kasainchis, back of Intercontinental hotel, reception desk labeling inquiry No:91127517. Those who are interested to be the one, PDF file in CD can be collected direct from GIZ-Office 2nd floor, office No: 201.

Special conditions: –

• Supplier should have a renewed business license, Valid  TIN& VAT Certificate.

• Submit technical & financial offers separately in one sealed envelope.

For any clarifications, kindly contact GIZ-Office through the below addresses

Email: ;

TEL +251-11 518 0233

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