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Medical Oxygen system /HU/NCB/43/03/ 2011

To all Medical Oxygen system Suppliers with license valid for the year 2018/19

1. Hawassa University now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for supply & Fix (install) Medical Oxygen system with their accessories in Comprehensive Senior Specialized Hospital at College of Medicine & Health science.


2. The bidders have to present valid License, Tax Clearance Letter, TIN registration Certificate & VAT registration certificate for the total Price above 100,000.00 Birr.

3. Eligible bidders are required to submit Technical and Financial

proposals original and copy for each in a separate envelope.

4. A Complete set of bidding documents may be purchased by any interested eligible bidder at: Hawassa University Procurement & Property Management Directorate, Tel 0462212647, Fax 0462205163 P.O.Box 5 Hawassa against a nonrefundable Birr 50.00 (fifty birr).

5. Any queries can be forwarded to the Procurement & Property Management Directorate, Tel 0462212647

6. All bids must be accompanied by a bid security, in the form of CPO or a Bank Guarantee of Amount Birr 50,000.00 (Fifty thousand birr). Bid documents must be delivered to Hawassa University on the15th day of the announcement floated & if it becomes weekend/Holy day it will be the next working day till 05:00 PM, the Bid document will be opened 16th date of Announcement floated at 2:10PMin the bid opening hall of Hawassa University Procurement & Property Management Directorate in the presence of the bidders or their legal representatives who wish to attend.

7. Bids shall be valid for a period of sixty days after bid opening.

8. Hawassa University reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

Procurement and Property Management Directorate.

Tel 046-221-26-47


Tel-046 221 26 47/ 046 221 21 26

Fax:-(046) 220 5163, Post Office Box 05, Hawassa

The Ethiopian Herald: Thursday March 14, 2019

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