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ኢትዮጵያ ማርኬት/Ethiopia Market/ ለሚሰራቸው የተለያዩ በአገር ውስጥና በውጭ አገራት የገበያ ማፈላለግ ስራዎች ባለው ክፍት የሥራ ቦታዎች ባለሙያዎችን አወዳድሮ ማሠራት ይፈልጋል፡-

የሥራው መደብ መጠሪያ – ቴሌ ማርኬቲንግ ባለሙያ

የትምህርት ዝግጅት – በማንኛውም የትምህርት ዓይነት ዲፕሎማና ከዚያ በላይ ያለው/ ያላት

ተፈላጊ ችሎታ

  • ዲጂታል ቴክኖሎጂን በተለይ ኢንተርኔትን መሠረት ያደረገ እውቀት ያለው/ ያላት
  • የቢዘነስ እንግሊዘኛ ቋንቋን በአግባቡ መፃፍ ማንበብና መናገር የሚችል/ የምትችል
  • መሰረታዊ የኮምፒውተር አፕሊኬሽኖችን በአግባቡ መጠቀም የሚችል/ የምትችል
  • መሠረታዊ የሆነ የሽያጭ ሠራተኛ ባህሪያትና እውቀት ያለው/ ያላት

 ብዛት – ሁለት

የሥራው ቦታ – አዲስ አበባ

የክፍያው ዓይነት – ወራሃዊ ደሞዝ ና ኮሚሽን

Telemarketing Job Description

The telemarketing job description clearly outlines the tasks, duties and responsibilities of the telemarketing role. Adapt this telemarketer job description for your own use.

Telemarketing jobs involve promoting a wide variety of products and services either via direct selling or through information gathering.

The job tasks may vary from industry to industry but these core responsibilities, activities and competencies apply to the majority of telemarketing jobs.

General Purpose

Contact businesses and individuals by telephone in order to promote and sell goods and services, receive orders, gather information, verify details.

Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

  • Contact businesses and private individuals by telephone to promote products, services and/or charitable causes
  • Solicit orders for goods and services over the telephone
  • Explain the product or service to potential customers
  • Deliver scripted sales pitch to the customer
  • Adjust scripted sales pitch to meet needs of specific individuals
  • Provide pricing details
  • Handle customer questions
  • Obtain customer information including names and addresses
  • Record customer details including reaction to the product or service offered
  • Receive orders over the telephone
  • Input order details into the computer system
  • Record customer details and details of transaction
  • Confirm orders placed with field sales representatives
  • Obtain contact details of potential customers from sources including telephone directories and purchased lists
  • Schedule appointments for sales staff to meet prospective customers
  • Conduct customer and marketing surveys
  • Answer telephone calls from potential customers who are responding to advertisements
  • Contact customers to follow up on initial interaction

Education and Experience

  • Knowledge of sales and marketing principles and strategies
  • Relevant work experience in sales, marketing, promotions or telemarketing
  • Product knowledge
  • Proficiency in relevant computer applications

Key Skills and Competencies

  • Communication skills
  • Information gathering and management
  • Persuasiveness
  • Adaptability
  • Initiative
  • Tenacious
  • Resilient
  • Negotiation skills
  • Stress tolerance
  • High energy levels
  • Self-motivation

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