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Zebad General Export & Import PLC

Zebad General Export & Import PLC

Zebad General Export & Import PLC –

Zebad General Export & Import PLC is a company which has a strong performance record since its establishment in the exporting coffee to many customers located in Italy, Germany, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and we extended our market coverage to china & South East Asian market.

Our Mission

To be a leading company in export & import trading & offer quality goods & best services at a very reasonable price .Having a platform of coffee plantation and export finest Ethiopian roasted and ground coffee by networking with women in coffee as a key resource and beneficiary from the profit earned. Exporting various types of high quality Ethiopian Arabica coffee with different grades including specialty and Q grade coffee to the world market and build sustainable reputation which is a key for attaining our objectives. We hope that we can work together by strengthen our business relationship with coffee community.

What set us apart

We Offer High Regard For Quality Inspection, Grading & Delivery Time For Our Meant To Export.We Offer Door To Door Service To Goods Distributed Locally.We Visit Our Clients At Their Sight, Exhibitions And Warehouses To Check And Maintain Their Level Of Satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be 1st ranked 1st—10th coffee exporting company in the country opening distribution channels throughout the country and East Africa.

Our Advantages

  • Educating New Customers Regarding Ethiopian Coffee Characteristics And Guide Those To The Right Purchase Decision.
  • Export High Quality And Quantity Of Washed And Sun Dried Arabica Coffee To Overseas Market And Thereby Develop Sustainable Business Relationship With Our Company
  • Create Additional Employment Opportunities
  • Maximize Customer Satisfaction And Increase Investors Benefit Thought The Introduction Of Efficient And Cost Effective Methods Of Business Operation
  • Export Certified Organic Coffee To EU And Other Destination
  • Extending Global Market Coverage By Exporting Quality Coffee And Other Cash Crops
  • Satisfying Local Unfulfilled Demand By Importing Different Commodities From Abroad.
  • Involving In The Manufacturing Sectors To Secure Foreign Exchange That Can Be Lost Through Import
  • Responding To Global Coffee Buyers Coffee Purchased Request With Appropriate Information,
  • Exporting The Right Coffee Type With The Right Price And Let Them Loyal To Our Company


We have the capacity of exporting 4000 up to 5000 mt per year. We plan to purchase a total of 35200 tons of different types and grade of coffee from Ethiopian commodity exchange auction center in the next 10 years.

We plan to work with coffee farmers to buy coffee directly from them by certifying the coffee for being organic.

We believe that the unique qualities of Ethiopian coffee provide opportunities to competitive trade in the international market. The company sells its unwashed and washed coffees to all destinations either directly to clients who are overseas or via commercial agents based in Addis Ababa or in foreign countries


Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and the oldest coffee exporter in the world records of coffee exports from the region harrar and keffa go back to the late 18th century.Since time immemorial coffee Arabica has been growing in the wild forest of the south- western highlands of kaffa and Buno districts of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the primary center of origin and genetic diversity of the Arabica (Abyssinian) coffee plant.

The most widely cited legend about the discovery of coffee is that of the goat heard Kaldi who noticed that his goat pranced excitedly after chewing various from coffee bushes that also tasted and enjoyed their stimulating effect. A monk who found kaldi in the invigorate state also tasted the cherries and took some and planted the seeds in the vicinity of his monastery near Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile.

He roasted and brewed the harvested coffee cherries and tried out the beverage on his brethren. As a result they were kept awake during their long prayers at night. Coffee was rightly accepted as a stimulant drink. In fact there is a consensus to grow wild in the regions of kaffa, Illubabor, bale, and Gamo Gofa.

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