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Weldeyesus Business P.L.C

Weldeyesus Business Private Limited Company has been established in March 2008 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as a private limited company by paid up capital of twenty million Birr. It is legally incorporated company registered under the Ministry of Trade as export oriented business Company. The company is mainly involved in export of agricultural products, particularly coffee of different variety.


  • To maximize promoter’s income through exporting coffee, Sesame seeds, oil seeds and pulses the best quality to the internal markets,
  • To contribute to ‘Poverty Reduction strategy’ of the country mainly through the creation of employment opportunity and paying taxes,
  • To contribute to the national growth and transformation plan by deriving national foreign exchange earnings through increasing export volume of coffee, oil seeds and pulses, and
  • To import commodities that the local economy demands such as construction materials, vehicles, etc.


To be one of the best companies in the industry and poses high share in the local and export markets.


The basic purpose of Weldeyesus Business PLC is to render unmatched satisfaction and value to its esteemed customers through export and import of quality products and services, there by earning foreign currency and contributing its share to the national economy.


The Company is organized into Marketing and Business Development Department, Finance and Administration Department, Quality assurance and Laboratory Services, Transport and Logistics, etc. The Department are staffed by high caliber and motivated management staff and employees involved in the procurement, sales, and finance and processing of export-import and other business areas of the company.

The company has grown to employ about 50 permanent and twenty employees on the temporary bases.

The staff of the company holds from master’s degree to high school diploma with extensive experience in their fields of work.


Currently the Company is exporting coffee to the world mainly: to Germany, USA, Canada, Italy, France, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Spain, Russia, South Korea, Switzerland, Australia, Israel, Sudan etc. During just ended year the company exported over 3,000 metric tons of coffee to different parts of the world.


  • Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectorial Association,
  • Specialty Coffee Association of America,
  • African Fine Coffee Association,
  • Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association,
  • Ethiopian Commodity Exchange


Weldeyesus Business exports high quality washed and unwashed coffee to different countries worldwide. Currently the company exports the following coffee types:

Unwashed/natural Coffee:

  • Djimmah Grade 4 and Grade 5
  • Lekempti Grade 4 and Grade 5
  • Sidamo Grade 4, and
  • Harrar Grade 4 and grade 5

Washed Coffee:

  • Yirgacheffe Grade 2
  • Sidamo Grade 2
  • Limmu Grade 2
  • Teppe Grade 2
  • Bebeka Grade 2, and
  • Lekempti Grade 2

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee: it is in the forests of Kaffa region that Coffea arabica grew wild. Coffee is “Bun” or “Buna” in Ethiopia, so Coffee Bean is quite possibly a poor anglicized interpretation of “Kaffa Bun”. Coffea arabica was also found in Harar region quite early, either brought from the Kaffa forests or found closer by. It is entirely possible that slaves taken from the forests spread coffee berry into the Harar region, through which the Muslim slave trade route passed.

About Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian coffees are available from some regions as dry-processed, in other regions as washed, and regions such as Sidamo, Djimma, Wollegga/Lekempti as both. The difference between the cup profiles of the natural dry-processed verses the washed is profound. Washed Sidamo, Yirgacheffe and Limmu have lighter body and less earthy/wild tastes in the cup as compared to their dry-processed kinfolk.

Major Coffee Growing Areas

  • Harrar
  • Sidamo
  • Yirgacheffe (in Sidamo)
  • Limmu
  • Djimmah
  • Illubabor
  • Wollegga/Lekempti
  • Bebeka

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