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UPL Limited

UPL Limited, formerly United Phosphorus Limited, is an Indian multinational company with operations in Ethiopia that manufactures and markets agrochemicals, industrial chemicals, chemical intermediates, seeds, and specialty chemicals, and also offers crop protection solutions headquartered in India (Mumbai).

The 5th agrochemical company in the world, after the acquisition of Arysta LifeScience. UPL is a global leader in global food systems. With a revenue of US$5,040 Million, UPL is now present in 138+ countries.

UPL’s Global revenue is targeted at $7Bn and 10% market share by 2022.

We invest significantly in R+D and innovation for change, with 27 formulation labs, 48 manufacturing plants worldwide and a portfolio of 13000+ registrations. Worldwide, we have 10,800 people committed and energized to achieving our goals.

We have market access to 90% of the world’s food basket and are focused on ushering growth and progress for the complete agricultural value chain including growers, distributors, suppliers and innovation partners.

We have a strong presence in most of the countries in Africa including East African countries.

UPL’s wide array of crop protection products offer protection against most pest and diseases infestation sources.

We supply our products through National distributors and are market leaders for various products.

As a new company, we offer an integrated portfolio of both patented and post-patent agricultural solutions for various arable and specialty crops, including biological, crop protection, seed treatment and post-harvest solutions covering the entire crop value chain.

Pesticides Registered via UPL Corporation Ltd Commercial Representative-Ethiopia

NoProductAiFormCategoryTarget Pest & Crop
1Kalach 360 SLGlyphosate 360g/lSLHerbicidePerennial grasses, sedges and broadleaf weeds-coffeenon-cropland
2Sweep 48% SLglyphosate 480 g/lSLHerbicidePerennial grasses, sedges and broadleaf weeds-coffeenon-cropland
3Lifelineglufosinate ammonium 280g/l SLHerbicidePerennial grasses, sedges and broadleaf weeds-coffeenon-cropland
4Calliherbe Super2,4-D 720 g/l A.ESLHerbicide Broadleaf weeds-cereals & sugarcane
5Unique2,4-D 720 g/l A.ESLHerbicideBroad leaf cereals, sugarcane
6Fist SuperPendamethalin 456/g/l CSCSHerbicideAnnual grass & broad weed cotton, Onion,Maize
7Current 8 ECCLODINAFOP-PROPARGYL 80g/lECHerbicidegrass weed –Wheat, barley
8Topcane 70 WGAmicarbazone 700 gm/kgWGHerbicideGrass and broadleaf weedsSugarcane
9Unizeb 80% WPMANCOZEB(800)WPWPFungicideLate  Blight- Potatoes/Tomatoes
10Penccozeb 80 WPMANCOZEB 800g/kgWPFungicideLate Blight-Tomatoes/Potatoes
11Mancolaxyl 72 WPMANCOZEB 640 g/kg  + METALAXYL80g/kgWPFungicideLate Blight-Tomatoes/Potatoes
12GloryMANCOZEB 700g/kg +AZOXYSTROBIN 50g/kgWGFungicideYellow rust-Wheat/Barleyvegetables
13Nautile 72 WPmancozeb 640g/kg +cymoxanil 80 g/kgWPFungicideLate blight-Potatoes/Tomatoes
14Circular extra 280 SCazoxystrobin 200g/l+ cyproconazole 80g/lSCFungicideEarly Blight – tomato & yellow rust – wheat/barley
15Isacop 50 WPCopper oxychloride 500 gm/kgWPFungicideLate blight-Tomatoes/Potatoes
16Akito 2.5 ECBETA CYPERMETHRIN 25g/lECInsecticideStalk borer-Maize
17QuickphosALUMINIUM PHOSPHIDE 560 w/wTBInsecticideStorage pest-All crops
18Deltacal 0.2DPdeltamethrin 0.2%DPInsecticideStorage pest-All crops
19Lancer Goldacephte 500g/kg +  imidacloprid 50g/kgWGInsecticideWhitefly, aphid,Jassid,Thrips,ABWcotton & vegetables
20Mitac 20 ECAmitraz 200g/lECInsecticideRSM and whitefly –Cottonvegetables
21Fostonic 80 WPFosetyl 800g/kgWPFungicide Downy Mildew and Botrytis-flowers
22Goldazim 500 SCCarbendazim 500g/lSCFungicide Powdery Mildew-flowers
23Domark 40 EWtetraconazole 400g/lEWFungicide Powdery Mildew-flowers
24Ippon 500 SCIprodione 500 g/ltSCFungicideBotrytis-flowers
25Proplant SLPropamocarb Hydrochloride 722 g/lSLFungicide Downy Mildew-flowers
26Abalone 18 ECAbamectin 18g/lECMiticideSpider Mites-flowers
27Floramite 240 SCBifentazine 240g/lSCMiticide Spider Mites-flowers
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