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Testi Trading PLC

Testi Trading PLC

Testi Trading PLC –

Testi Trading PLC is a family owned company embedded at the origin to supply the specialty coffee industry with high quality coffee beans.

Our objective is quality and building long term business relationship by showcasing our professionalism and our quality to the industry. We do diligent work through sorting and screening to get clean and quality beans for export. We are very meticulous in processing and always adhere to our quality standards to prepare and deliver nothing but high quality beans to our clients. Our good reputation has helped us to establish a strong business relationship with companies in the industry.

Testi trading PLC is the member of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), The African Finest coffee Association (AFCA), The Ethiopian Coffee exporter Association (ECEA) and The Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce (ECC).

Testi’s Service and Product

  • Superior customer service
  • High end specialty coffees
  • Top commercial coffees
  • Conventional coffees
  • Peaberry beans
  • Competitive price
  • Grain Pro
  • Timely Shipment
  • Purchase less than a container
  • Mix containers
  • 30/60 kg jute bags
  • Logistic Assistance
  • Origin Trip Planning

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