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Seido International Trading Coffee Export (SITCOF)

Seido International Trading Coffee Export

Seido International Trading Coffee Export –

SITCOF™ is an import and export company based in Ethiopia. Founded in 1997, SITCOF initially started its operations as a green coffee exporter from its processing center in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. Prior to that, the company had a long presence in the eastern region of Ethiopia as a domestic coffee supplier to regional exporters.

over the years it sustained growing sales volume while maintaining the quality of its coffee. We would like to meet our customers demand by providing the best coffee beans from around the country

Mr. Seido Hassen, Founder and General Manager, SITCOF

Mr. Seido Hassen has over four decades of successful business experience in a wide range of industries. He is actively involved in planning and operating logistics and transportation, commercial construction, agricultural products distribution, and retail industries. Green coffee business has been one of his interests from early on. The business was started as a domestic supply company to exporters within the region. The hands-on experience on coffee quality and Mr. Seido Hassan’s business acumen help launch SITCOF in 1997 as a green coffee exporter. since then the company registered substantial growth in exporting green coffee to middle eastern countries.
Our Operation:

SITCOF source its coffee by participating on a daily coffee auction held in the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange market. Coffee processing for export is handled in the company’s warehouse in Dire Dawa and leased a facility in Addis Ababa. It is registered in Ethiopia as Seido International Trading Coffee Export (SITCOF), dealing with exporting green coffee beans from Ethiopia and importing light trucks, motorcycles, and construction machinery to Ethiopian market.

Seido Motors™ is a subsidiary of SITCOF dealing with importing light Isuzu trucks, motorcycles, and Earthmoving machines to domestic market in Ethiopia

Founded in 2006 to meet the growing need for public transportation in Ethiopia, the division quickly established its presence in big cities and small rural towns. It was able to achieve substantial yearly sales growth over the past five years by implementing a careful strategy of efficiently reaching untapped markets through company-operated showrooms and independent distributors.


In the transportation sector, the company’s vision is in helping ease transportation problems in urban and rural areas of the country. the company also provide after sale services for all our products. This makes us different from our competition. our goal is to create jobs for young people in urban and small rural towns of the country. the division currently operates company-owned showrooms in four major cities in Ethiopia: Addis Ababa, Adama, Hawassa and Dire Dawa.

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