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Royal Medical Textile Manufacturing PLC

Royal Medical Textile Manufacturing PLC is a company located inside Kilinto Industrial Park in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, specializing in the fabrication of high-quality disposable surgical face masks.

Having witnessed the crippling shortages of personal protective equipment caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, our company answered the call of the Ethiopian government asking the involvement of the private sector in the import/manufacturing and distribution of PPEs to help stem the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

Our factory, furnished with state-of-the-art machinery, equipment as well as well-trained and competent staff, became fully operational within two months of its establishment.

Mission Statement

Royal Medical Textile Manufacturing PLC is a company established with a mission to manufacture and distribute the highest quality medical textile products and play a role in giving employment opportunities to the Ethiopian youth.

Service Commitment

Our supply chain is designed to allow customers to send back feedback starting all the way from the end-users going up to retailers and wholesale distributors.

Our sourcing and production process goes through a rigorous quality assurance scheme and open lines of communication are maintained for all customers to lodge any complaints should they have any.

All retailers and wholesalers of our products are instructed to immediately replace products that might have resulted in lodging a complaint. Details of the complaint and the concerned product are then returned to our HQ for assessment and corrective action is duly taken.

Dedicated Staff

With over one hundred dedicated staff working around the clock at our factory in Kilinto Industry Park, our company has an unwavering commitment to meet the demands our esteemed clients from all over the country.

State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, coupled with highly trained staff, has resulted in producing a well-oiled and integrated machine with a seamless transition at various stages of the manufacturing process.



Our products-Royal Medical Face Masks, have garnered widespread acclaim and admiration from the general public, as well as healthcare professionals and, are arguably, the most preferred face masks in the market.

In addition to fulfilling and exceeding national and international standards (World Health Organization, European Standards Agency, etc.,), as well as guidelines associated with the manufacturing of medical PPEs, the following attributes have ensured our products attain number one status within the nation.

The production process involves minimal contact and is automated with quality control in place at each stage of the production process.

The disinfection process ensures each mask is sterilized up to standard before packing. The laboratory ensures all standards tests are carried out to ensure the products meet all the requirements including BFR, fitness, breathability and ear-loop strength and comfort.

Product Specifications

The table below outlines the specifications of every aspect of our product.

  Product Specification
1.Product NameDisposable Medical Surgical Face Masks
2.Product TypeThree-layered (3PLY)
 Product Size95*177mm-Flat type
3.Product Test StandardEN 14683: 2019Medical Face Masks-Requirements and Test Methods
EN 141:2001 + A1:2009Breathing Resistance Test
4.Product Filtration CapacityBacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) >=99% (Type IIR)
5.Individual Layer SpecificationOuter layerSourcingTurkey
TypeHydrophobic non-woven layer
PurposeRepels all fluids
Middle layer                 SourcingItaly
TypeMelt blown layer
PurposeBlocks in and out movement of pathogens
Inner layerSourcingTurkey
TypeSoft absorbent non-woven layer
PurposeHypoallergenic, good for sensitive skin
6.Ear Loop3mm thick ear loop
7.Nose bridge (Clip)Pliable PVC
Pliable plastic-coated nose clip (non-metal)
Free of fiberglass
9.Color Options Blue, white, lemon green and pink

3 Ply Masks Made to Perfection

All three (3) layers have their own individual purposes. With raw materials sourced from the best in the business, our product not only meets but exceeds only industry standards.

Color Pallets

Our masks are individually branded without brand name on the top left corner and are labeled with the word “Medical” on the bottom right corner. This protects the customer from purchasing counterfeit products that try to use our reputation to sell their own goods.

Our products come in four color palettes manufactured with identical parameters to give the customer the power to choose products that align with his/her taste.

Packaging & Labeling

Waterproof, strong and with an attractive design, our packaging meets all the best practices regarding packaging and labeling of medical face masks. Its tamper-proof seal (sticker) ensures customers buy a product that meets their health as well as comfort needs.

Experience & References

Since its establishment, our company has manufactured and distributed its products to various government offices and organizations, non-governmental organizations, hospitals, diagnostic centers, clinics and pharmacies in Ethiopia.

Its production capacity currently sits at one million (1,000,000) units per day and our factory staff work round the clock in four (4) shifts.

We maintain high stock levels at our warehouse that are stowed in a manner suitable for rapid pick up and deployment.

Our inventory management system ensures raw materials and essential machinery spare parts are well stocked. Loss time incidents (LTIs) are kept to a minimum and production interruptions due to internal causes are rare occurrences.

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