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Naytra Logistics PLC

Naytra Logistics PLC

Naytra Logistics PLC –

NAYTRA LOGISTICS PLC was founded in 2009 with a mission to provide its customers with the best quality logistics services such as customs clearing, port handing, freight forwarding and transportation services in Ethiopia, that are affordable with no hidden costs. We believe the secret to our success is our experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated staff in our offices across Ethiopia and Djibouti. Our policy is to command high reputation from our clients by rendering fast, competitive and most efficient service.

Our services

  • Custom clearing
  • Port handing
  • Freight forwarding
  • Transportation


To be a preferable, value based and reliable logistics company in Ethiopia.


  • To provide a reliable and client oriented service
  • To provide an innovative Logistics solutions.
  • To ease the logistics stress of our clients


  •  Best transit time-to-cost combination
  •  Highest scheduling flexibility
  •  Honesty and reliability

Brand Statement

While NAYTRA is committed to the implementation of leading-edge of technology, we maintain our ongoing pledge to provide superior personalized service. Positioned in the high-service end of the industry, our greatest strength lies in our employees and their unparalleled knowledge of international business.

  • Punctual: we don’t just Clear and transport shipments, we understand how important they are to our clients, therefore we provide on time response and notifications.
  • Value Based Constant Price: we only charge for the service we provided and prices don’t change time to time, we strive to stay the same with the price while growing in our Service Innovation.
  • Personalized Service and Support: every shipment and every client is served with their own need and due attention with our 24/7 support. We believe one adds up to build the sum.
  • Information based Decisions: information builds and protects, we support our clients with reliable information to decide with care and use all the possible opportunities.

Long term R/shipwe invest most on our relationship with our clients as they invest on their business. We foresee better tomorrow while succeeding on today.

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