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Nardos Coffee Export is a third-generation family-run coffee business

Washed Coffee


Coffee is said to have gotten its name from the Ethiopian region of kaffa, where this coffee is produced. Like other coffees from this region, beans produce a rather heavy bodied cup with winey aftertaste.
( production 916,000 BAGS – Altitude: 4900- 5900 ft)

Lekempti (Ghimbi)

Typically used in blends, this coffee is characterised by a fruity flavour and bright acidity. Beans are processed by both dry and wet methods.
(Production 505,000 BAGS – Altitude: 4900-5900 ft)


Pungent flavour, this coffee is used in blends, resulting in a balanced, full bodied, hearty flavour.
(production 199,000 BAGS – Altitude: 4400- 6000 ft)


Characterised by its winey aftertaste, this washed coffee delivers a vibrant, balanced cup with sharp acidity and a classic balanced taste.
(Production 109,000 BAGS – Altitude 4600-6600 ft)


Used in blends, this coffee contributes to a good balanced cup and enhances the “wild” characteristic of Ethiopian coffees.
(Production 52,000 BAGS – Altitude 3600-6200 ft)


Similar to Tepi, this coffee is also used in blends.
(28,000 BAGS – Altitude 3000-3900 ft)


Popular among the specialty trade, beans are processed in both dry and wet methods. Beans produce flavour notes with a spicy character and round, balanced acidity in the cup.
(Production 224,000 BAGS – Altitude 4600-7200 ft)


Considered the finest of all coffees grown in the Horn of Africa, the most prevalent taste characteristic is lemon, which gives a distinct tart bite that combines with a rich , floral finish.
(Production 363,000 BAGS – Altitude 5800-6600ft)


Another fantastic region is Guji, located in the south of Guji zone, coffees from Guji are sought out by some of the best roasters in the world. In the cup you can expect sweet floral notes, such as jasmine with melon and peach notes, and a tea like body.
(Production >200,000 BAGS Altitude 5800 – 7500 ft)

Unwashed Coffee

Harar Gr 4 & 5, Sidamo Gr 3 & 4, Lekempti Gr 4 & 5 and Djimmah Gr 4 & 5.

Special Coffee

Sidamo Gr 2, Yirgacheffe Gr 2, Limu Gr 2, Bebeka Gr 2, Tepi Gr 2 and Lekempti Gr 2.

Coffee is the most important agricultural commodity that sustains the livelihood of millions of Ethiopians and brings the largest foreign exchange earnings of the country. Thus among the various business the company specializing, at most attentions is given to the coffee export business. Nardos Coffee Export is a third-generation family-run coffee business, tracing its coffee heritage back to the 1960s when the family began farming in Oromia region, Borena Zone, Hagere Mariam district. Ato Aklilu Kassa established Nardos Coffee Export on October 28, 1998, in Addis Ababa, and since then, the company has grown into one of Ethiopia’s leading coffee exporters. Today, Nardos draw strength from its historical roots, while utilizing modern methods and technology to ensure the highest quality product and timely delivery.


To prepare and export top quality Ethiopian green coffee bean to the Main stream and specialty coffee market. Contribute for the foreign currency earnings of the country and provide above average returns to shareholders

our vision

To be one of the leading coffee exporter in the country. To become an internationally recognized coffee export firm


Customer Centered – Seek to understand and enhance the value our customers.

Relationship – We approach our customers and suppliers as equal, long term partners seeking mutual benefit

Trustworthy – Under a warm and open atmosphere, we approach our associate & business partners with humility, honesty and enthusiasm.

Quality – We are committed to produce quality product and service.


The coffee business line of the company has well structured organization and management system, where all the activities of procurement, processing and export are focused on delivering good and consistent quality coffee, timely execution of contracts and high level customer satisfaction. With several decades of experience and coffee legacy, Nardos is committed to supplying high quality coffee delivered on time executed by its highly skilled professionals – accurate logistics services and perfect documentation. Nardos exports annually on average 2,000 tons of washed and natural coffee to clients worldwide.

social responsibility

Nardos shows unique commitment to social responsibility through projects aimed at the coffee producing communities. In 2012, Nardos partnered with Think Coffee café and The Bushwick Seed Company imports in New York City to channel a portion of our joint profits into building a library and distributing feminine hygiene products for Kellensoo Eleshu Primary School in Hagere Mariam district, which is benefiting thousands. With Nardos, you can be certain that your investment will make a positive impact.

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