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MS Specialized System Engineering PLC

MS Specialized System Engineering PLC offers total turnkey solutions and in-depth services ranging from consultancy to engineering design, planning, procurement, project management, enterprise technology infrastructure setup, supply, installation and commissioning, and long-term operations maintenance services for LV and ELV systems in Ethiopia.

We undertake a variety of large and medium scale projects and execute them utilizing our proven and well-established project delivery practices, highly skilled team of technical and managerial personnel, as well as the latest know-how. We have a solid base of professionalism, more than 5 years long experience, vast expertise, and trained human capital. -MS is fully resourced and capable of delivering personalized and state-of-the-art solutions, quality products, and timely services, both locally and internationally. 

We bring cutting-edge technologies, cost-effective solutions, and market-leading products matched by unrivaled services that safeguard the interest of our valued clients and secure the present and long-term requirements of your business.

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