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Kayu Fleet Management and Communication Technology PLC

Kayu Fleet Management and Communication Technology PLC is a registered and licensed company in Ethiopia. The company is engaged in the import and installation of GPS vehicle tracking, GPS-based speed limiter, fuel management system, access control and CCTV cameras. The company was established in 2014 and is providing profound systems to its clients. Kayu Fleet Management and Communication Technology will be serving your needs and will assist you with all the difficulties you might encounter. We have a track record of delivering on what we say; we believe you will be our next satisfied and loyal customer.



Speed limiter triggers an alert and transmits a record of all speed violations to the system supplier and the government authority server with an easily implemented server protocol integration. The AFMS SG-001 is a tamper-proof speed limiter solution. With a sample rate up to every 0.2 seconds, the AFMS SG-001 provides real-time data that includes the date, time, speed, and GPS coordinates of each event.


We work on fleet management of controlling costs, productivity, efficiency and risks in vehicle acquisition, fuel management, compliance, GPS tracking, etc. Our service covers many industries ranging from freight to delivery, sales and service, oil and gas, and emergency services.


We deliver you closed-circuit television cameras that send or broadcast their own signals to one or more locations where you can check, primarily for your surveillance and security purposes.

We have different types of CCTV cameras for your company, home, and/or other areas.


We believe the best way to help you is to understand your challenges and needs. We also understand that every solution may not work best for you. So, our experts listen to you attentively to have an understanding of your business, operation type, and complexity. Based on your input, we as experts recommend you the best approach/ system which will be applicable to your core business.


We provide you with the appropriate fingerprint attendance system based on the number of users supported in your request. Get well secured against data loss or corruption with a fingerprint machine for your organization at a fair price.

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