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GMT Industrial PLC

GMT Industrial PLC was established in 2006 G.C. It has been generating sales more than 450 Million Ethiopian Birr annually since it has been founded. It was established by its major share- holder and managing director Mr. Gebregziabher Mezgebe Teklemariam.


Prior to incorporation of the company under Private Limited Company, its managing director has been dealing with import and export business as a sole proprietor for over 17 years and has obtained an immense experience in the business sector.

Business activities

GMT industrial PLC is mainly engaged in the export of Agricultural commodities such as, coffee (both sun dried and washed coffee), oilseeds mostly sesame seeds, Niger seeds, and spices as well as cereals etc. from Ethiopia to its buyers   aboard.

The company is also involved in import businesses such as of Edible oil, construction materials, medium capacity Isuzu trucks, automobiles,  heavy trucks and other products as demanded by the market.

GMT industrial PLC is based in Adds Ababa and it has representative in major rural agro –commodity producing reggions in Ethiopia. It has also business relations with several foreign sales agents within Ethiopia as well as aboard for selling its export commodities.


GMT Industrial PLC has a warehouses with a capacity of over 100,000 metric tons located in Addis Ababa city, and it owns coffee processing plants in kality area which has started to give service since 2011. It has a capacity to process more than 15,000 metric tons annually. In addition, we have a bulky machine for stuffing coffee inside a container without bags. As its export volume is increasing annually GMT is building another coffee processing plant 2km away from the first coffee processing plant. It has also built sesame Processing plant Gelan area to be function starting 2014. For keeping the performance of the plants at optimized level GMT has been employing experts which can monitor, maintain and follow up daily functionality of the plants. Furthermore it has  also bought warehouses  at the town of Gelan which is about 300 meters from the of Addis Ababa  Adama  main road  which are to be used for storing export commodities, as trucks assembly plant and pharmaceutical products import.

GMT Industrial PLC has its own   trucks that transports commodities from Addis Ababa to Djibouti and from Djibouti to Addis Ababa.

In addition, it has contractual agreement to use  other private and governmentally owned pulses, oil seeds and coffee processing plant and warehouses.


Company Business Philosophy

GMT industrial PLC has a firm stand to produce the quality product, at the right time of delivery with competitive price.

The company always strives to meet buyers’ requirement to the best of their satisfaction and as result has been able to have prominent customers elsewhere in the world.

Here are some of the countries around the world where our export commodities have reached.

America:  USA and Canada

Europe:  Germany, England, Italy, Netherland, France Switzerland and etc.

Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan etc.

Asia:   Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, India, Pakistan,  UAE and etc.

Africa:  Djibouti, Sudan, & South Africa.

Currently, GMT is seen as one of the strong emerging exporting companies by the performance it has registered. It has shown a remarkable growth as manifested in the export volume shown in the subsequent page.

Export performances

GMT has been  increasing annually its export volume, total amount in value and commodity types. Due to its increment performance, GMT has earned recognition every year from Ministry of Trade, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia,

Wegagen Bank, Awash Bank and other institutions that encourage the countries export business.  As per the ministry of trade and Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association Annual export data GMT stands as one of the top ten exporters of coffee for almost more than five years.

Import performance

GMT industrial PLC has been involved in import business such as Trucks, Automobiles, Construction materials, edible oil and so on. During couple of years GMT has registered very successful result in import businesses. As its business dimensions are expanding to different areas,  GMT is always looking to work with companies that have excellent business goals and provide  new commodities  to be imported  to Ethiopia.

Local Business Relationship

GMT industrial PLC is currently the beneficiary of banking services with, Commercial bank of Ethiopia, Wegagen bank S.C, Awash bank S.C and others. At present we are the beneficiaries of enough amount of  money from our partner banks. Our working capital capacity is increasing because of our increment in business performance.

Due to significance of its export volume GMT industrial PLC has been recognized by Wegagen Bank S.C, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and Awash Bank S.C as one of the most valuable corporate customer who has made great contribution to the banks’ growth in particular and development of the country in general.



  • One of the founding members of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX)
  • A member of the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce (ECC)
  • A member of Ethiopia Coffee Export Association (ECEA)
  • A member of Eastern Africa Fine Coffee Association (EAFCA)
  • A member of Africa Fine Coffee Association (AFCA)

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