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Getmaz General Business PLC

Getmaz General Business PLC, established in August 2007, is a company engaged in the import and distribution of pharmaceutical products (both Human and Veterinary), medical supplies, medical equipments, laboratory chemicals and reagents in Ethiopia.

Our mission is to provide quality health products at competitive prices. Getmaz is striving to be one of the leading importers and distributors in the pharmaceutical and chemical market in Ethiopia within a short span of time.

Getmaz General Business PLC is becoming one of the trusted leaders in the distribution of medical supplies, medical equipments, laboratory chemicals, reagents and finished pharmaceuticals in Ethiopia. Our customers include wholesalers, hospitals, clinics, clinical laboratories and other medical institutions throughout Ethiopia.

Getmaz is currently importing:

1. Finshed pharmaceuticals: tablets capsules, injectables and topical preparations
2. Medical supplies: bandages, gloves and syringes
3. Laboartory chemicals and reagents
4. Veteriary products: bolus, powders and injectables.

Getmaz General Business PLC works with manufacturers from different countries by ensuring that the entire supply chain and distribution network is geared towards suppling a quality product that complies at every point with regulatory requirements and is fit for use when it reaches the patient and we supply with reduced counterfeit risks, reduced transport and storage risks and more safety for the final consumer.

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