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Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics Services Enterprise

The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise modernizing its services delivery systems in its four sectors has delineated all the pre-conditions that must be fulfilled in all its detailed services provision. Reinforced by its change management department overhauling its services is delivery it has indicated all the preconditions and services delivery procedures in its Citizens Charter that customer will be aware of the steps to get quick solutions.

Here, in the Citizen’s Charter, in order to get just, compressive and prompt services customers should usually come to the enterprise noteing the following services delivering eligible criteria, these are

  1. Producing correct and genuine documents for the service and if there are complaints explaining with factual information,
  2. Presenting authentic and full documents
  3. Paying all due payments on time
  4. Keeping reliable documents in their file and producing it when required
  5. Noteing correct and legal addresses and informing the enterprise if the company changes its name or place
  6. And requesting just on time services following the right procedure of services delivery

Standard Handling and Requirement Considerations in Providing Services

  1. The followings serve as the basis in determining the standard time for services
  2. The applicability of standard time begins from the time the request is submitted by the customer with all required documents,
  3. The requirement for rendering a given services are provided as per the set out standards. However, customers will be notified for any changes made to those requirements by all possible means which includes, noticeboards, email, telephones etc.

To get full document and for further reading please download the document here => Download

Freight Forwarding

This sector runs unimodal and multimodal operation departments as well as the Kality Land Transport and Djibouti branch offices.

Services Freight Forwarding Sector renders are;

  1. Processing all shipping and transit documents required for the transport of import and export cargoes.
  2. Rendering Inland transport service
  3. Receiving and delivering commodities from and to the destination near the importer’s proximate country dry port using various mechanisms including sea, air, rail or Inland transport.
  4. Carrying import goods to the desired place before they incur warehouse lease and other unnecessary costs.
  5. Executing the exporter’s and importer’s port clearance and custom rights

Corporate Sector Service

Corporate service sector is a sector that leads the enterprise’s various support tasks and activities structured in six departments.

Services Corporate Service Sector renders;

  1. Administering, leading and monitoring the enterprise’s finance
  2. Building the capacity of the enterprise human resource development
  3. Building the capacity of the enterprise employees
  4. Procuring services of port machinery, ship accessories, office goods and other inputs
  5. Building up the organization information communication technology
  6. Administration of the enterprise property, insuring their productivity and prevention of the enterprise property from unnecessary utilization, loss and corruption
  7. Providing services for seafarers

Port and Terminal Sector Service

Including inland Port Operation Coordinator and Port Facility Development sections within itself, this sector contains the Modjo, Gelan, Mekelle, Kombolcha, Semera, Diredawa Kality and Woreta Port and Terminal. This sector administers 8 ports and terminals, leads and monitors project activities and the development of other dry ports.

Services Port and Terminal Sector renders;

  1. Providing port and terminal services for import and export cargoes including Ro-Ro,vehicles receiving and handling over of cargoes to customers
  2. Receiving and delivering cargos
  3. Loading and unloading of cargos
  4. Placing goods out and place goods into container
  5. Providing of shades for perishable or defecting cargoes
  6. Provision of empty containers
  7. Stuffing and sending export cargos
  8. Container washing and maintenance service
  9. Warehouse services for incoming cargos and other cargos of various feature
  10. Facilitating related services such as the availability of bank and insurance services in ports and terminals
  11. Providing port clearance services

Shipping Sector Service

Shipping services sector contains commercial and technical operation departments and it is playing its enormous contribution by strengthening our country’s more than 50 years long shipping transport service and by becoming the backbone and pride of our economy.

Services Shipping Sector renders are;

  1. Mainly manages the 11 vessels of the enterprise and other ships it brings in by lease, chartering and slot arrangements.
  2. Transporting import and export goods of the country through sea transport.
  3. Transporting other countries’ commodities in lines where the enterprise’s vessels operate
  4. Enabling ships to travel in the planned time schedule and ensuring the safety of the vessels
  5.  Ensuring the readiness of ships to carryout import and export, fulfilling adequate trained human resource and other inputs, completion of all travel documents, insurance and other conditions upon international standard. It is the key sector of the operation with a responsibility of searching cargoes that are destined to the country.
  6. Performing the tasks of ascertaining whether the seafarers take all necessary training based on international standard, the availability of required number of human resource in the ships, the physical competence of the vessels, the vessels delivered transport service within the travel program, maintaining and preparing them to work all the time in case they have failed and other related tasks.

By providing competitive shipping & logistics services, to become preferred and renowned African logistics company by 2025.


Through building and upgrading organizational capacity, to render world class and competitive shipping & logistics services; thereby contributing towards the rapid economic growth of the country.

  • Reliability, transparency and accountability
  • Efficiency, productivity and professionalism
  • Readiness to learn and excel.

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As set out in the regulation issued by the federal government of Ethiopia in 2011 (Regulation No. 255/2011), the objectives for which the ESLSE is established are:

  1. To render coastal and international marine and inland water transport services.
  2. To render freight forwarding agency, multimodal transport, shipping agency and air agency services.
  3. To provide the services of stevedore, shore-handling, dry-port, warehousing and other logistics services;
  4. To provide container terminal services.
  5. To engage in the development, management and operation of ports.
  6. To establish and run human resources development and training center in the fields of maritime profession.
  7. To study the country’s import and export trade demand and thereby develop technological capacity in order to render maritime and transit transport services.
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