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Esfre Trading

Esfre Trading is involved mainly in the supply of quality products to water supply and irrigation projects and has successfully supplied materials and equipment to projects which are completed and handed over projects undertaken by public and private institution throughout Ethiopia.


The products we distribute ranges from water work-related tools and equipment, water distribution items (pipes, pumps etc.), and water storage equipment, to water treatment chemicals and hygiene and sanitation products. An interesting development was the intention of introducing solar powered submersible pump units and Bat-wielding services, especially for Ethiopia.

From our beginnings, in 2009 we built our name and following by providing innovative solutions to customers’ agricultural, irrigation machines and pumps in Ethiopia. Today, this rich legacy continues as we strive every day to import and introduce exciting new products and services that deliver the ultimate in performance, productivity and convenience customers have come to expect from Esfre, providing quality products and professional services in the field of water supply.

Esfre Trading has undertaken a combination of activities involving the supply of water and sanitation-related products to public and private commercial or residential buildings, irrigation, and water supply projects, It continues to offer innovative products, competitive pricing and professional sales experience to Ethiopia Economy.

Esfre trading is registered under the Ethiopian commercial code and licensed by Addis Ababa City Administration Trade, Industry & Tourism Bureau.


  • Provide quality products and services
  • Quality delivered on time
  • Satisfied customers’ needs
  • Quality and variety of product range


  • To be the most profitable company in the industry
  • To be the most customers’ responsive

Mission Statement

  • To actively participate in the trade and investment of the country
  • To improve and strength the national economy in agricultural sector and the materials supply sector in particular by introducing modern and appropriate materials technology and upgrading the quality of the required technical services with high standard services of material/equipment supplies to the various economic sectors of the country so that the much needed sustainable development is achieved within a very short period of time.


  • Our main objective is to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction by providing quality input materials or equipment and real value for money.
  • We assure customers a cost-effective, reliable and prompt supply or delivery services in Ethiopia.
  • In working with customers the group has been influential in the area of precision irrigation and soil moisture sensing.
  • Replacing hand equipment’s into different types of machinery in order to make the agriculture sector more productive in all seasons.

Core Values

The company has the following basic values in projects implementation;

  • Provision and supply of required high-quality products and professional services
  • Hard work for quality product and service to clients at competitive prices
  • Integrity, honesty and professional competence
  • Respect to moral and cultural values while doing business
  • Savings in water work construction economy
  • Adaptation of beneficiary new products, new engineering, and construction technologies
  • Playing a significant role in the sector in particular and on the overall national economy


Esfre Trading is founded and solely owned by Engineer Esayas Michael. All of the engineers, technicians and the administrative supporting staff members are highly skilled and with a recognized professional career in their particular field of specialization. The number of professionals is justified by the number of projects contracted and the volume of the work at hand.

Offices, Shops, and Workshop

  • It has a rental Villa House on Bole road, in front of Bole Michael church, which has sufficient rooms for offices and the compound very much convenient for our customers in terms of location and parking area.
  • It has a rental head office and shops around kazanchis, with a total area of 200 m2 which is also convenient for our customers.

Esfre Trading Products and Services

Features & Advantages

Some of the features that have attributed to our success and credible reputation are:

  • Qualified salesmen with sales enabled to provide top of the line sales and consultancy services to meet the needs of our clients
  • The availability of maintenance and training services at our main warehouse has allowed us to service, maintain and consult on preventive techniques for all the products that we supply. Various extended features such as installation and commission of various products are conducted through our team of qualified professionals
  • Dedication in providing the full range of spare parts and required components for all the products that we supply coincide in our mission to as a “client conscious” company
  • Extensive supplier database which has been compiled for the last years, allowing us to provide customized goods and services for existing and new clients.
  • The provision of different warranties to products we supply. Our warranty ranges from the repair of any defects to a product to a full exchange
  • Providing various credit facilities as well as active consignment sales agreements
  • Delivery service to all locations throughout the city of Addis Ababa, without any additional charge.


The main products we continuously supply to the market satisfies the national and international quality standards.

Some of the products we provide include:

  • UPVC pipes and fittings
  • HDPE pipes and fittings
  • Syfen pipes
  • Irrigation line and accessories
  • PPR pipes and fittings
  • Galvanized pipes and fittings
  • Waterproof membrane

Having worked in the market very seriously and have a good relationship with our customers, our sales volume has been increasing from time to time and we have received direct authorization and Certificate of Award for a good performance from the following product manufacturers/dealers:

  • Idrofoglia irrigation Made in Italy

For the supply of the irrigation systems including motor and electric pumps

  • Idrofoglia Safety Made in Italy

For the supply of Firefighting systems

  • Idrofoglia Fluid Made in Italy

For the supply of self-priming industrial pumps

  • Green power systems Made Italy

For the supply of Electro Generator

  • Modula Made in Italy

For the supply of thermoforming products

  • Starplast Made in Italy

For the supply of water tanks and filtration systems

  • Iron system Made in Italy

For the supply of lifting systems

  • Epta Trade Made in Italy

For the purchase of all kind of Agricultural and industrial machinery like Tractor etc…..

Irrigation systems

Turbo Car


Experience and Certification

The company is well known for its after-sales services and free of cost maintenance services to different government and non-government offices.

Following are some organizations, with whom we are working with:

  • Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC)
  • Ministry of Defense (MOD)
  • Adama Agricultural Machinery industry
  • Ethiopian shipping logistics service enterprise
  • Federal Police
  • Combat Engineering college (Wegia mehandis)
  • Ministry of defense training main department
  • Federal Ministry of Agriculture Alagea Agricultural Technical Vocational College

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