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Enat Bank

A diversified group of 11 Ethiopian Women founded Enat Bank, with a vision to maximize women’s economic capabilities and to be an inclusive bank. The 11-person board of directors is 6 women and 5 men with several and different backgrounds. There are more than 17,000 shareholders who have invested in Enat Bank of whom more than %60 are female.

Services provided by Enat Bank

Personal Banking


Regular Saving
This is an interest-bearing account in which customers earn a minimum interest rate set by Enat Bank. Regular saving accounts are of short-term savings that are adaptable. When a timeline for withdrawal on the minimum balance doesn’t exist. Additionally, regular savings extends its services to cover.

Liquid savings
On-demand deposit & withdrawal.

Premium Saving
Enat Bank provides a Premium Saving account. Potential depositors can, with this product, track the amount of deposit. The product has an attractive and continuous saving interest. Enat Bank has three stages of premium accounts, which is conditional to a minimum deposit balance in one’s account:

  • Silver
  • Diamond
  • Platinum

Children’s account Saving

This is an account dedicated to children who are under 18 years old. It has a higher interest rate which motivates their parents/guardians to save for them.

Savings accounts for Golden Age

These are longer-term accounts that are concentrating on saving for a faraway incident upon the customer’s request. It comes with a higher and better interest rate as well as an attractive form specifically for the individual.

Non-interest bearing

The non-interest bearing account doesn’t gain interest if the customer asked for such an account type.

Hybrid savings

Enat Bank offers its customers the scope to both do recurrent transactions/payments and save the principle by gaining interests.

Time Deposit

At a particular, pre-agreed upon, and wide range options for a fixed interest rate, paid on a monthly basis, fixed deposits are accepted by Enat Bank. The monthly basis payment may also be a monthly capital that is to be paid on maturity period, as per the agreement the customer has with Enat Bank.

Current Account

Based on the minimum balance, an insignificant interest rate might be regarded to the customer on a defined timeframe. With this account, Enat Bank customers can quickly move transactions and pay nominal interest annually.

Enat Bilhat

Enat Bank offers Enat Bilhat as an attractive interest rate deposit for depositors, which deposits must be done only in a fixed amount of money for, also, a fixed amount of time. The interest rate grows after the termination of the period of the deposit made.

Checking accounts

Enat Bank’s customers can easily retrieve their deposits using the checking account.

Plus Services

Additionally, the bank’s customers can also have the following:

  • Sweeping
  • Fund Transfer/payment
  • Fund Management
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Payment Instruments
  • Gift Certificates & Cards
  • E-Payments & Services, which is not available at the moment.

Loan and Advances

Business Loans

Enat Bank is there to help and support its customers to raise their working capital by providing services like overdraft and short-term credit. Either you are taking part in domestic/international business, having intentions to start a business, expanding an existing one, wanting to buy a new vehicle/machinery, you can always approach Enat Bank for their services.

Facing pre-shipment money shortage as an exporter, get your solutions from Enat Bank as they have dedicated services/credit facilities for pre-shipment that might help and support you get raw materials, processing, warehousing, packing & transporting goods for the timeframe of the shipment.

Consumer Loans

For individual borrowers, Enat Bank has more credit services, in which such loans can allow you to get your own house/car, furniture, pay fees like education, travel, medical expenses as well as several other commitments.

Enat’s Choice, which is one of Enat Bank’s credit facilities, the objective is to smooth women’s work-load by giving the chance to purchase house equipment, kitchen devices/gadgets, and furniture

International Banking

Trade Finance Services

Customers of Enat Bank can opt to do international tradings, which the bank has dedicated services


  • Documentary credit
  • Documentary collection and
  • Advance payment


  • Documentary credit
  • documentary collection and
  • advance payment

Consignment Foreign Guarantees

Remittance Services

Incoming & outgoing Transfers

Services of Foreign Check

  • Clearing foreign checks
  • Buying foreign cheques that are clean

Forex Services

Forex Services include purchasing & selling cash notes of foreign currency. Services regarding Foreign Currency Account (Diaspora)

  • Non-Resident Foreign Currency Accounts
  • Non-Resident Transferable in Ethiopian Birr (ETB) Account
  • Non-Resident Non-Transferable in  Ethiopian Birr (ETB) Account
  • Foreign Currency A/Cs for Ethiopians in Diaspora, and
  • Retention Accounts

Exchange Rate

Enat Bank has quick and smooth money transfer services with many agencies, such as Transfast, WorldRemit, Ria, Western Union, Dahabshill, XpressMoney, Moneygram.  The bank’s daily exchange rate can be found here.

Other Services

Advisory services

Apart from all the services Enat Bank does provide, they give consultation service if you have the intention to start a new business, raise your financial status, get to know Enat Bank’s services and products, and more.

Women Financing

Collateral Saving

Enat Bank introduces the Enat Collateral Saving Account, which is an account where national/international organizations, private, governmental, and/or concerned individuals. They do a specific amount of deposit that is to be blocked for a determined while, which is to be used as a warranty.

The bank has partnered with some gurus development partners, who will be providing training and business advisory services for potential recipients of the plan. Such advisors might assist in preparing business plans and make sure that the business is in fine shape and form. Also, it will ensure that loans are paid as agreed and scheduled in order to reduce defaults.

Loan under USAID/SIDA Guarantee scheme

Private enterprises that are registered in Ethiopia can get used and qualify for this type of loan. An obligation is that at least %51 of the enterprise must be owned by women.

%50 of the requested loan must be offered by a collateral equivalent, which can be in the form of cash substitute, bank share & bonds, and/or buildings.

Women Special Loan

This is a loan targeting small and medium businesses owned by women, where it is a loan against cash collateral. Those women may lack the collateral to raise their businesses.

To apply, a woman or business only owned/managed by women is a must.

  • Ethiopians by nationality
  • Can show a certificate that proves that she/they does/do not have any kind of property that is registered in her/their name or spouse’s name.

Women Savings Account

As part of the women empowerment strategy, Enat Bank has introduced the Women Savings Account that is targeting those who would like to have savings routines and exploit the 5.5% interest rate that Enat Bank provides.

Non-Financial Services

This is combined with tools and tailored training to give out financial literacy. Enat Bank believes that having the proper financial education will promote their choices to have a better life. Training is provided in all of Enat bank’s branches, which contains interesting games, educational drama, and more.

Capacity building

With the sponsor of our development partners, Enat Bank arranges both capacity building and advisory services for Small and Medium Businesses that are owned/managed by women. The partners, who are advisors, might get involved in preparing business plans as well as giving out training and advisory services.

Soon enough, Enat Bank is to have much more detailed, specifically tailored services and products that will help women and owned/managed SMEs by women in fulfilling their needs.

Digital Banking

E-Banking / EnatOnline

With EnatOnline, no need for long queues and delays as long as things can be done simply from home or anywhere.

You can use EnatOnline by either SigningUp or SigningIn and be entertained by a number of countless services.

Services Available on EnatOnline

  • Branch / ATM location information
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Bulk payment
  • Effecting payments to third parties, for example:
  • DerashBill Payment
  • Display Forex Rate
  • Topping up mobile (card)
  • Periodic Payments (standing instruction)
  • Cheque Status, book, and stop payment requests
  • Fund Transfer:
  • within Enat Bank, you can do fund transfer to your own account/accounts
  • Fund transfer to other accounts in Enat Bank
  • Account alerts, security alerts, and reminders
  • PIN management & authorization
  • Mini Statement

Enat Bank has Enat Internet Banking (EnatOnline) available upon request 24 hours a day. Make sure to check the terms and conditions.

Mobile Banking

The following are services in its e-banking package:

  • Branch / ATM location information
  • Local Remittance from your account
  • Balance & Transaction notifications.
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Bulk payment
  • Effecting payments to third parties, for example:
  • DerashBill Payment
  • Display Forex Rate
  • Topping up mobile (card)
  • Periodic Payments (standing instruction)
  • Cheque Status, book, and stop payment requests
  • Fund Transfer: within Enat Bank, you can do fund transfer to your own account/accounts
  • Fund transfer to other accounts in Enat Bank
  • Account alerts, security alerts, and reminders
  • PIN management & authorization
  • Mini Statement

To access the USSD of Mobile Banking of Enat Bank, call *845#

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