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Dispatched International Logistics PLC (DIL)

Established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in March 2017, Dispatched International Logistics (or DIL) is a leading freight forwarding and international moving company, providing tailor-made services globally.


DIL’s core business is about door-to-door or door-to-port international moving, customs’ clearing, local moving, packing, warehousing, heavy lifting/crane use, project goods handling, fine arts packing and forwarding.

With close to 30 staff members, 3-floor offices in Gerji area, and a large warehouse and compound in Kality, the company is determined to providing punctual services in the freight forwarding industry, through its worldwide network of agents that help speed up your cargo’s arrival.

DIL is well-organized, timely and professional in everything, whether it be surveys, quotations, weight or volume assessments, packing or dealing with customs’ clearance and other paperwork’s. DIL takes time to understand the clients’ unique needs and make their life easier during transition and relocation, that might be stressful moments. DIL makes sure that everything is in order to the satisfaction of its clients.

what we do – Services we provide

Our core business is international moving by air, by sea or by road. We provide the following services on a door-to-door or door-to-port basis:

  • Packing:One of our specialties is professional packing, dismantling and reasembling of furniture. We pack household goods, personal effects and, most importantly, we pack fine arts gently. We use first-hand packing material, imported from Europe.
  • Customs’ clearing:Customs’ clearing in Ethiopia is challenging, and this is why we set up our own customs’ clearing system in our office, with our 18-years’ experience staff. This allows us to facilitate your shipment’s customs’ clerance and to take care of it faster.
  • Relocation services:Upon arrival in Addis Ababa, we help you find a house and purchase a car, whether you enjoy tax-free status or not. Once you’re leaving the country, we deal with selling your car (from finding a buyer to dealing with heavy paperwork).

Local moving (door-to-door)

Any moving within Addis Ababa or between two Ethiopian cities is regarded as a local moving.
We pack and move your household goods, personal effects and/or office furniture from one location to another. This service applies to clients changing their residence or shifting offices.

Warehousing & Storage

Located in Kality area, our 600m², 10m high warehouse allows us to provide the space you need to store your goods while awaiting for customs’ clearance and shipment, or when you need a local furniture storage. The compound is heavily secured with armed guards, and dogs so that your goods are safe on the site.

Heavy lifting / Crane use

We are experienced in providing heavy lifting service with crane use for our clients, when needed. We handle any type of heavy items, such as generators, industrial machineries and other professional equipment.

Our Vision

The company’s vision is to be a leading and trustworthy service provider in the field of logistics both locally and globally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an affordable, reliable and highly professional service to our customers. The clients’ satisfaction is what truly counts for us.
In particular, our mission is to provide each service (packing, clearing, forwarding, reasembling, etc.) with the highest professional standards.

Our Values

  • Safety –for your goods and transport. Safety is our priority; in this regard, we train our packers and movers on how to handle the customers’ valuable and fragile items. We make sure cars are well tight for transport.
  • Timeliness:We are realistic when providing dates and deadlines for
  1. assessments & surveys;
  2. sending quotations;
  3. delivery of cargo; and
  4. packing, unpacking and reassembling your furniture at your house. We always make sure to speed up the process but we tell our clients the truth about deadlines and delivery dates.
  • Affordability: We are extremely careful and accurate when it comes to price development, quotations, and accuracy of assessment on weight breaks or volume. We always strive to get the best prices and make our customers happy.
  • Professionalism: Our understanding of professionalism is from A to Z: we guarantee a great customer service, an accurate assessment of weight/volume, a careful packing and handling of your goods, a timely delivery, a smooth paperwork process, and compliance with ethical standards. Above all, we know we have been professional when our clients are happy and tell others about us.
  • Efficiency: We are prompt to reply to calls, texts, emails and requests. We are fast and accurate in assessing weight/volumes. We are efficient in dealing with the paperwork and transport. We are well connected with our agents abroad.
  • Communication: At DIL, we know that each customer is unique and has unique needs. Therefore, it is important that we communicate well and efficiently on the phone, by email and in person. We communicate clearly, we listen to customers and we work accordingly. We know the international community well, and we provide a highly personalized service. We speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, and a lot of other Ethiopian and foreign languages.

Our Physical Resources

Dispatched International Logistics PLC has offices located on 2 floors of Bekli Building, near Unity University in Gerji area, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The 2 floors are dedicated respectively to:

  • Admin, Coordination & Marketing/Sales Units;
  • Finance & Accounting, and Commercial Units.

DIL also has a warehouse located in Kality area. The 600m² and 10m high building is guarded, as mentioned above, and it also hosts offices for the packing teams.

Our Financial Resources

Dispatched International Logistics PLC is a newly established company, therefore it cannot provide any turnover rate yet. However, the information we can disclose at this point are the following:

  • Liquid assets:5 million ETB
  • Cash flow:5 million ETB

Our Human Resources

The most important asset for Dispatched International Logistics PLC is its staff. Aged 20 to 55, our staff is both energetic and experienced. All of them are constantly striving to improve their skills by seeking continuous training on different aspects of their work.
The 30 staff members are divided in two different teams: the headquarters team, based in Gerji area, and the packing team, based in Kality area.
Our dedicated staff deal with a clientele made of many different clients from a wide range of organisations. Our staff members speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, Amharic, and many other languages.


Membership & Insurance

DIL is a member of a number of international associations. These memberships mean that we are a trustworthy partner and that we have a global network of reliable agents, in nearly any country in the world. We work hand-in-hand to deliver your container and your personal effects at your house, wherever it is in the world.
DIL is a member of the following well-known international associations:

  • IAM –International Association of Movers
  • IATA –International Air Transport Association
  • FIATA –International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations
  • EFFSAA –Ethiopian Freight Forwarding and Shipping Agents Association

Our company is fully insured with Inter Trans Insurance Service based in the USA.


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