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Coffee Processing & Warehouse Enterprise

CPWE three processing machines each fitted with its own ultra-modern color sorter machine makes the facility one of the most advanced in the country’ coffee industry.

The Coffee Processing and Warehouse Enterprise (CPWE) is the first of its kind in Ethiopia, unparalleled both in its size and complexity of operations in processing high quality coffee for export market. This modern coffee processing plant lays on a 50,683 square meters area in the South Eastern part of the nation’s capital, Addis Ababa, along the Ethio-Djibouti Port artery road, otherwise called the country’s main import export corridor.

Its prime purpose is processing and storing export-standard washed and natural coffees that come from different coffee growing areas of the country, mainly aiming at the enhancement of coffee export. Its three processing machines each fitted with its own ultra-modern color sorter machine makes the facility one of the most advanced in the country’ coffee industry. The Enterprise owns three export coffee processing lines equipped with hi-tech machines praised for maintenance of the original coffee quality intact, i.e. ensuring that every coffee that passes through the processing facility comes out with its original natural taste and flavor.

Each of these three processing lines of the enterprise can process five metric tons of coffee per hour, making the total processing capacity of the facility 15 metric tons an hour. The purposely built modern chain of stores in its huge compound are fitted with all the standard facilities, some of which with a capacity of 30,000 metric tons. On average the processed quantity of coffee is 46,000 tons annually while the maximum reaches about 50,000 tons. Currently, our annual market share of processed coffee is about 26% of the national export. All these explain the unmatched processing and storage capacity of CPWE in Ethiopia, thereby making it a leader of the industry throughout the nation.

The spacious asphalted compound fully protected with alert security service accommodates at least 400 non-trailed heavy trucks, at any one time. The two-ground weighbridges with maximum weight capacity of 60 tons each could only make loading and unloading at our facility faster, easier and more reliable.

We are really proud and appreciative of our clients that have given us their respects and trust for years keeping up to half a billion Birr worth of their coffee at our facility, that can easily be converted into cash, at any given time. We have about 105 exporters annually using our facilities that are highly satisfied with our service and professionalism.

This level of customer satisfaction is owed to the initially well thought and outstanding design of the coffee warehouse we own to effectively meet its prime purpose, i.e. export coffee processing and warehousing. As a result, it is highly appreciated for its flawless upkeep of the original natural flavor of the coffee it received, retaining it under an optimal temperature and well-regulated storage environment in terms airflow all along its stay. On top of these, the well-experienced, highly professional and ethical staff of the Enterprise had also enabled it to realize the trust of its clients that require getting the utmost efficient service. The entire systems of warehousing and processing of the Enterprise are highly harmonized in a sequence of defined workflow to provide our customers all the best with at most care, so as they will come up with a zero complaint.

CPWE was established in May 1994 as a government owned business entity. The main purpose of establishment was to process the washed and sun dried coffees collected from different parts of the country through the then government owned coffee marketing enterprise in accordance with international export quality standards, and hence create strong competitive advantages for the whole of Ethiopian coffee export.

Since then, CPWE had effectively proved itself to be the decisive engine in the Ethiopian coffee export, which had been and still is the number one commodity for generating foreign currency to the national economy.

However, the services of these modern and efficient facilities of the Enterprise were not limited only to those government owned coffee producing and/or marketing entities. Rather the Enterprise had been and still is serving farmers’ cooperatives and private coffee exporters who had had relied for years relied on CPWE for processing and exporting of their coffees.

CPWE’s strong ties with its customers, suppliers and its nearby communities had had been nurtured so far by the different assistances it provides them regularly. Among others, it provides extended credit facilities to customers with the noble motive of promoting and strengthening their financial position, in addition to facilitating merchandize loans by giving full guarantees. Such extended efforts to assist our clients coupled with our impeccable services, have increased the number of our clients from year to year.

HORIZON Plantations bought CPWE in 2012 when the government of Ethiopia decided to privatize it. As a result, since it came under the management of Horizon Plantations CPWE has started to move to a higher level with broader mission, vision, strategies and goals. Since transfer of its ownership, CPWE has become one of the key institutions under HORIZON for it gives the company a unique and strategic edge to involve throughout the value chain of the coffee business. In other words, it had enabled HORIZON to have a full control over the quality of the entire coffee crop it produces at its farms right from the farm to the export grade processing and packaging.

OUR EMPLOYEES CPWE is run and managed by teams of professionals with sufficient experience in international coffee business, i.e. all through warehousing, processing, exporting and marketing. This has enabled the enterprise to register the highest performance in the coffee sub-sector over the past 16 years.

OUR MISSION To be a leader in coffee processing and warehousing, and export business by providing efficient, ethical, up-to-date and reliable services using state of the art machineries and facilities.

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