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Cabey PLC

Cabey PLC –

Cabey PLC , a sister company of MIDROC group was established in 1997 with a registered capital of Birr 10,000,00. Its establishment is closely linked to the country’s economic liberation & thereby to contribute to the social & economic development of the nation.

Cabey plc is a company with a wide perspective & big vision. It doesn’t  tagke too  much time for the company to build a corporate image & register success . Its organized corporate management led by the company’s owner, shek said Hussein Al-Amoudi who is brother of the renowned business tycoon shek mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi , puts cabey plc is a giant company with more than billion dollars investment in Ethiopia.

It  does  its job continuously & with the long term view with the enormous financial & service backings, it got a prominent position in different businesses sectors such as, bridge stone tyre, coffee, aviation vehicles & spare parts & others.

Cabey plc is a company fully equipped facilities like warehouses & office located in Addis Ababa. The warehouses have a capacity to accommodate up to 100,000 bags of 60 kgs. The Bridgestone tyre warehouse has a capacity of holding 10,000 tyres .

The company constructed its own coffee processing plant that has the capacity to process more than 20,000 m/ton  of coffee annually, at a cost of over Birr 60 million. These would enable the company to expand its coffee production capabilities & thus, fulfill the requests of its customer’s export order on time.

The  company, as it is sole agent for Bridgestone tyre in Ethiopia, it also started constructing  tyre show room at cost of over Birr 10 million. Cabey plc , Creates job opportunity for many at different levels. Currently, There are about 700 Employees working in the company . Here is one big secret for the success of Cabey plc the emphasis on quality!

So far, cabey plc , Has been importing Bridgestone and did maintenance activities,  working in rented houses & offices , but today , to our great excitement, the reality has changed & we embarked in a new scenario, in which our own building, erected in the nearby vicinity of our old office, which in essence is a vivid achievement that depicts our growth & consolidation towards a bright future in the road of development.

Coffee Export

This is Ethiopia, Where the first seedling of coffee discovered. It’s from this land the world got a unique taste for the first time in history. Ethiopia has an immense  coffee biodiversity more than any other country in the world . our coffee has unique inherent characteristics- unrivaled in its aromatic intensity, flavor & natural sweetness.

Cabe Plc serves this unique taste to the glabe!
Cabey plc is among the ten big exporters that attain a prominent position in the Ethiopian coffee business. The company started exporting coffee in 1997. Now cabey is one of the biggest Ethiopian coffee Exporters, & it is supplying substantial quantities of Ethiopian coffee to highly satisfies customers across the globe.

Among the key factors for the company to register sustainable growth & concrete success in the coffee industry is, the good working relationship it established & maintained with its customers. Its strict no compromising on Quality’ policy also contributed for its customer satisfaction & thereby profitability.

According to cabey plc’s Purchase policy, Label means that the coffee has been chosen & prepared with highest quality standard in mind. In order to effectively adhere to quality standard, the company have best cup test laboratory with highly qualified staffs in cupping.

The unique aspects of the company’s products strategy include best coffee selection & preparation, quality assurance & efficient delivery. These are things the company we have done since it started exporting coffee. The different types of coffees cabey plc Export are under the two categories, unwashed coffee’ like Djimmah Gr.5, Lekempt Gr.5, Sidamo Gr.4 & ‘Washed Coffee’ such as yirgacheffee Gr.2, Limu Gr.2, Sidamo Gr.2

Cabey Plc adheres to higher quality standards its price of coffee is always reflecting the current local market (auction) the new York C Market & Profit margin. Thus, the company’s price looks a bit higher compared to its competitors.

Cabey plc succeeded in impressing its cystomers” through the timely delivery of quality coffee. The amount of coffee it exports and the revenue generated increased significantly from year to year . the annual coffee export capacity of the company will soon reach 20,000 m/ton.

The amount of money generated in its coffee export performance for three consecutive years from 2009 to 2011 is 22,500,000 dollars,23,500,000 Dollars & 33,960,973 Dollars respectively.

Cabey Plc Exports green coffee bean to Europe, Japan & middle East where it export top quality coffee.The company’s main customers could be classified in 3 Groups. The first one is the European customers like Bernhard Rothfos, volcafe Ag, Louis Dryfous, Coffee  handles GmbH kaffe- Compagnie GmbH, Hamburger Rohkaffee-Agentur GmbH , ILLYCAFFAG, Taloa Ag, Louis Dryfous etc. The second Group includes American Cystomers like Paragon Coffee trading, International coffee corporation, Rothfos Corp ,etc
The third group is that of the middle East co. etc

Cabey PLC

Tel. +251 11 467 1696/98
Tel. +251 11 557 3940

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