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Best Plastic Industry

Best Plastic Industry was established in 1999, with a capital of Birr 150 Million, with the objective of producing and distributing plastic products. However it started production in its full capacity in early 2002.

It has been among the top innovative plastic manufacturers for over the past 15 years.  Starting as a home-based business, the Company has grown from humble beginnings to becoming one of the top plastic manufacturers in Ethiopia. At present the Factory can produce more than 100 different types of plastic products using plastic injection moulds.

BEST Plastic Industry has a plan to increase the product mix to variety of thousands thorough adapting new technology and increasing its capacity.

The Company is currently producing high quality plastic products such as chairs, tables, jerry cans, cosmetics containers, household plastics and spare parts which can be used in industrial and telecommunication sectors.

The turnover for 2012/2013 and 2013/14 fiscal year were over $2 and $3 Million respectively and growing each year by 50%.

It is envisaged to advance the production machineries and produce industrial plastic products which could be used as IT components, telecommunication apparatus and accessories, television parts, audio and video tapes, disposal syringes and parts in engineering industries.

Raw Material usage:

As plastic made households are new and highly consumable in Ethiopia, the Company is using high & low density imported raw materials & master batches from Abroad.

The Company has created job opportunities for 300 Ethiopians & one foreigner.

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