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BDO Consulting PLC

BDO Consulting PLC. is the one of the leading business and investment consulting firms in Ethiopia. Our client base operates in diverse economic sectors. Our services cover every area in planning, setting up, managing and improving business enterprises and organizations. The outsourced accounting, financial management and human resource services division of our company is playing a significant role in enhancing the efficiency of our clients.

Our investment advisory professionals follow up the situations in every sector in the economy thereby informing and updating our clients in order to assisting in their decision making. Our transaction advisory function works on due diligence review, business valuation and business and financial restructuring on behalf of our clients.

In our era of information superhighway the success of every organization is determined by its capacity to follow-up, select, collate and process relevant and up to date information for timely decision making.
Success depends on swift actions based on informed decision.

Following up every development in all sectors of business operations, our professionals are thinking for continuous improvement in order to arrive at the next big thing for the sustained success of our clients.

As we have always said and lived up to it, our success is measured by the success of our clients.


Million Kibret, Managing Director
Certified Management Consultant by the Ethiopian Management Institute
Before establishing BDO Consulting PLC., Ato Million was a manager in Ernst & Young Ethiopia, one of the global big four business consulting firms, extensive experience in advisory of project in various sectors such as Business valuation, Privatization, Restructuring, public enterprises, manufacturing and financial services industries. Experience also includes work done in strategic consulting, company establishment and system setup, finance, accounting and taxation. Million managed various advisory projects in establishment and operation of various international companies including BT, SAP, Fortesue Minerals Group, Silur Minerals and Geoserach.

Our Major Services

BDO Consulting PLC. is established to undertake the following main activities

  • Investment Advisory services
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Market studies
    • Investment analysis
    •  Due diligence review
    • Business valuation
  • Management Consultancy
    • Systems and procedures
    • Organization
    • Operation Systems
    • Administration systems
    • ERP systems
    • Executive recruitment
  • Research in business, economic and social areas
  • Tailor-made trainings
  • Business Process Outsourcing (PBO)
    • Accounting
    • Tax
    • Financial management
    • Human Resource
    • Domiciliation

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