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Bashanfer Trading PLC

Our esteemed organization was established in 1935 by our founder Sheik Abdel-Gader Salim Bashanfer. since its inception it has been providing only the very best green and sun dried coffee beans from Ethiopia to places like Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Our beans undergo a rigorous screening to ensure only the best beans pass and are exported for consumption. it is for this reason that the Bashanfer brand has become synonymous for quality in the Arabian peninsula.

After the tragic passing of the company’s founder, this family company was taken over by the family and made to keep its legacy under the custodianship of Sheik Abdel-Gader Salim Bashanfer’s oldest son Mohammed Abdul-Gader Bashanfer. The new leadership brought about technological innovation and improvements to further the company’s interests by providing our products and packaging to our customers in the best possible way. Bashanfer Trading PLC is also an ICO 0009 certified company in true testament to our commitment to our slogan ‘Quality Comes First.’

Bashanfer owns two modern coffee processing plants in Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa. All the machineries are state of the art , European and Brazilian origins, having the total annual capacity of processing 12, 000MT green coffee beans. All processing jobs are mechanized and electronic including finally hand picking on conveyor belts. Bashanfer Trading PLC is known for its excellence, exceptional products, its outstanding business ethics, trustworthiness and reasonable price.

Our Advantages

Bashanfer trading – Success

Our company has always been one in the top 10exporters that have a share in exports of nearly 50%. Its shares in national exports have always been around 5%. On the quality side, it has been number one, at the top of the game! For such outstanding achievements, the company has received awards from coffee and tea authority and ministry of trade and industry for several years.

Bashanfer- Professionalism

Bashanfer trading PLC -coffee export group is one staffed comprised professionals and experts. Led by an skilled career coffee exports division manager, the company boasts a well-structured organization and management system where the procurement, processing and exporting of coffee is reality in the right hands. At bashanfer, we do not pull quality back!


Our mission is to stand out as leading , globally oriented enterprise that supplies premium standard agro-products and imports basic raw material inputs to satisfy the ever increasing need of customers.


Our vision is to be one of the best and competent coffee exporters in the country. Bashanfer trading also aspires to stand out as one of the finest suppliers and importers of plastic raw materials.


  • To improve the farmers income by exporting their coffee.
  • To maintain the quality of coffee production.
  • To improve and maintain the sustainability of coffee industry.
  • To improve quality and productivity of Ethiopia coffee.
  • To regulate and stabilize local market
  • To provide farmers with reliable service and our clients as well.

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