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Arduneja Trading PLC

Arduneja Trading Plc is established for the purpose of trading agricultural and industrial items both locally and internationally. Arduneja Trading Plc has been established on October 21, 2008 (Tikimt 10, 2001) with three founding members as per the Commercial Code of Ethiopia (1960) The company is registered by the Ministry of Trade on August 14, 2012 (Nehassie 8, 2004) under registration number MT/AA/2/0004902/2004.
The company has become well-known in conducting national as well as international trading. In addition to its trading business, the company offers cleaning services for agricultural products using its modern plants located around Addis specifically Tatek Industrial Zone and Metema South Gondar in Amhara Region which is very close to Port Sudan.
The company has a big modern warehouse where it can store products safely. The company is still moving itself forward with the development of strategic plan, organizational systems, procedure manual, and injecting new blood into the company to make future success possible.

General Business Objectives

The general business objectives of the company, as has been stated in the Memorandum of Association, include but not limited to the following:

  • To engage in export trade as partner;
  • To engage in general import and export business,
  • To engage in wholesale and retail export of agricultural products;
  • To engage in investment works;
  • To construct and rent buildings;
  • To develop real estates;
  • To engage in importation of construction machineries for distribution and rent;
  • To engage in agricultural and industrial activities;
  • To set up small or complex factories and distribute the products.
  • To provide dry transportation service;
  • To provide liquid transportation service;

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