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Amhara Pipe Factory

Amhara Pipe Factory PLC (APF) is the biggest among the factories that produce plastic products in Ethiopia since 2003 E.C . The factory is especially manufacturing and supplying products that will be used in the projects related with water sector development and construction sectors according to international standards.

APF is manufacturing two broad categories of products such that Pipes and Plastic sheets.Under the category of Pipes, .APF manufacture UPVC pipes, HDPE pipes, Casing/Screen pipes and Flexible hoses. And under the second category, it manufactures geomembrane sheets and greenhouse film/sheet.APF is a factory awarded with ISO 9001 :2015 quality management systemcertificates.


To become one of the top five plastic industries inEast Africa by 2025.


To produce and supply highest quality products thatsatisfy customers needs by optimizing research andstrict quality assurance in all aspect of productionalong side of creating job opportunities and professionalism in the field.


  • Satisfying customers
  • Loyal to pay tax,
  • Optimizing profit,
  • Owning culture of group effort/work.

Main Products

  1. UPVC Pipes
  2. HDPE Pipes
  3. Screen and Casing Pipes
  4. Flexible Hose
  5. Geomembrane Sheet
  6. GreenHouse Film

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