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AMEL Business PLC

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AMEL Business PLC

AMEL Business PLC –

AMEL Business PLC is importer and distributor in Ethiopia of bitumen, industrial chemicals, educational equipment such as laboratory and engineering equipment, wireless communication equipment instrumentation equipment, valves, regulators, fittings and connectors, insulation, industrial coatings, and LPG cylinder.

AMEL Business plc was established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2005G.C. AMEL is headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is a sister company to Afro Chemical and Steel. Despite its relatively recent formation, AMEL swiftly established its reputation as the go-to company that delivers on its promises and earned the confidence of its customers and business partners in a very short period of time. AMEL is now known in the business as importer and distributor of premium products and trusted Ethiopian agent of major international companies.


  •     Educational Lab equipment
  •     Industrial chemicals,
  •     Petrochemical and related product
  •     Broadcasting equipment,
  •     Industrial and Educational Machinery
  •     Complete Industrial supply
  •     Construction materials supply
  •     Other products.

Educational Lab Equipment

AMEL is now at the forefront of supplying educational equipment that is scalable and tailored to meet the needs of each institution. The solutions we offer to educational institutions include:

  •     Laboratory equipment  such as teaching aid tools
  •     Machinery such as for  vocational schools
  •     Military aviation supplies
  •     Equipment used in various departments
  •     Parts
  •     We also help our customers meet their vocational training requirements.

Industrial Chemicals

AMEL partners with the best-in-the-business suppliers to deliver the best chemical product our clients need. The products we provide in this area include:

  • On road Construction supply of different degrees of Bitumen Compounds in Barrel of different strength and strong Sacks of different capacities
  • Corrosion Paints
  • FUEL Dye (For fuel theft control)
  • Epoxy (Chemical for painting tankers for petroleum, water, and any other liquid substances to protect them
  • danger that causes from corrosion)

Industrial Equipment Supply

Our solutions in this area span supplying the equipment that helps businesses set up manufacturing plants to inputs to products they make.

  •     Industrial equipment and tools
  •     Industrial chemicals, industrial coatings
  •     Protection equipment
  •     LP gas fittings, LPG cylinders
  •     Dispensers, especially for Beer factories with embossed logos.
  •     Set of tools boxes of different sizes for maintenance of heavy and light duty machinery
  •     Mobile garage for field work
  •     Mobile laboratory for engineering

We Work Closely with our Clients

At the core of AMEL’s success, lies forming the right relationships both in and outside of Ethiopia. To this end, the company has a cooperation relationship with two Ethiopian companies that enhance and expand its capacity. The two sister companies AMEL collaborates with, Afro Chemicals & Steel PLC and New Harmony PLC, complement AMEL’s overall growth strategy and are reliable partners that share their resources for mutual strategic benefits. AMEL relies on the relationships it forms with companies outside of Ethiopia to supply its products to its customers. Cognizant of the importance of this relationships and partnerships, AMEL carefully analyzes companies before it selects to act as their agent and representative in Ethiopia. AMEL is expanding its business by facilitating the entry of major suppliers that are introducing global brands in Ethiopia. It is AMEL’s pleasure to collaborate with our partners to work hand-in-hand for success and mutual benefit.
AMEL looks forward to forming a lasting relationship with you whether your company is looking into getting into the Ethiopian market or an Ethiopian entity looking for a reliable supplier that delivers solutions to your needs.

AMEL Business Plc works with and is an agent of leading manufacturers and suppliers with known brands such as such as:

1. Feedback

Manufacturer of engineering teaching equipment for universities colleges and training institutes. Feedback ’s range of teaching equipment products includes electrical power and machines, telecommunications, electricity and electronics, process control, refrigeration, control and instrumentation, pneumatic and hydraulic and programmable logic controllers.

2. Rohde & Schwarz

World’s leading manufacturer of wireless communications and EMC test and measurement equipment, as well as of broadcasting and T&M equipment for digital terrestrial television.

3. Rotarex

Manufacturer of valves, regulators, fittings, and connectors for LPG and fuel cylinders and tanks.

4. Sunbelt Corporation

Supplier of high-quality solvent dyes, water-based dyes, specialty chemicals, and textile products.

5. Bhiwadi Cylinders Pvt. Ltd. (BCPL)

A major LPG cylinder manufacturer

6. Cromwell 

Supplier of industrial tools, hand tools, chemicals, protection equipment, stationery, storage, handling, air, fluid, water, control, distribution etc.


Supplier for professional prototyping and small series production in industry quality.

8. LD Didactic

A leading global manufacturer of high-quality science and engineering teaching and training.

9. Yes 01 

A major manufacturer and supplier of vocational training equipment.

Achievement & Success Stories

In the past five years, AMEL made a significant progress in achieving its goal of being a major player in competing and winning tenders either fully or partially to supply its products both to government and private entities. Leveraging the high-quality products of the principal partners it represents and through dedication, networking, and strong presence, the company is constantly increasing its market presence in all parts of the country. This translates into AMEL delivering an impressive return on their investment for its principal partners. We form long-lasting relationships with the companies we represent as agents averaging more than three to six years.

AMEL Business PLC

Tel: +251 11 6611300
Fax: +251 11 6611703

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