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Alpha Trading Partners PLC

Founded in 2000, Alpha Trading Partners PLC (ATP) has been committed to providing superior Ethiopian agricultural products and services. Our export division offers an extensive range of top quality oil seeds, pulses, spices and green coffee beans of Ethiopian origin. Our premium quality products and our impeccable service, have established us amongst industry leaders in agricultural exports. Originating from farmer producers and elevators in the heartland of Ethiopian agriculture, our products are trans-loaded into containers for shipment around the world.

The Company’s operations extend across procurement, processing, warehousing, transport, and containerized export. We’re a full-service supplier with a flexible, logistical network capable of fulfilling orders of any size and specification.

The company is also engaged in the import of machineries for processing, cleaning and packaging agricultural produces. Leveraging our extensive international business network, we also participate in tenders floated by the Ethiopian Government, and supply in bulk, various products such as fertilizers, (UREA 46N, DAP, compound fertilizers etc…), wheat, and white cane sugar.


Professional Associations

  • The Ethiopian, Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce
  • Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association (ECEA)
  • Ethiopian Pulses, Oil-Seeds, and Spices Processors Exporters Association (EPOSPEA)
  • African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA)
  • National Exchange Actors Association (NEAA)
  • Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX)
  • International Pulse Trade and Industries
  • Confederation (CICILS-IPTIC)
  • Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ)
  • Speciality Cofee Association of America (SCAA)


Markets Served

ATP is one of the leading exporters of Ethiopian agricultural products. We export our products to:

  • USA
  • UK
  • EU (Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Turkey etc..)
  • Middle East (Saudi, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, etc..)
  • Far East (Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam etc…)
  • Northern African Countries (Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt)

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