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Agmas General Trading

Agmas Medical is one of the Well-known and oldest Medical Equipment and Supplies Importer and Distributors in Ethiopia. 

It was established in 1995G.C as a private company. It is also engaged in giving before and after-sales service that has proved to make a significant contribution to the development of the country’s economy. 

Agmas Medical is the largest store for Medical Imaging and Laboratory equipment and supplies in Ethiopia. Our Items portfolio includes Digital and Analog X-rays, MRI Scanners, Color Doppler Ultrasounds, Chemistry, Hematology, and Electrolyte Analyzers, and Reagents. We also supply different accessories and supplies for Imaging and Laboratory Equipment.

Agmas Medical has vast experience in the business and has earned a pioneering status in the Ethiopian Market. We are a customer-oriented company and take all effort to exceed the customer expectations and fulfill their requirements. Guided by the principles of honesty and dedication, the company endeavors to provide the highest quality Medical Equipment & Supplies at an affordable price. 


Our vision is to become a leader in supplying the most advanced, up-to-date, highest quality medical equipment in East Africa and see a healthy and productive community.


Agmas Medical operates with a mission by focusing on satisfying its customers. Agmas believes that our customers are our assets where our professional staff strives to realize this mission. Hence, in particular, Agmas aspires:

  • To meet customers’ demands swiftly and ethically. 
  • To provide medical equipment and after-sale services timely and without any delay 
  • To coordinate with the customer in the health and pharmaceutical industry to supply equipment with the latest technology,
  • To fill the gap of supply and demand
  • To work closely with stakeholders in the industry and find ways and play a role in improving the overall efficiency of the health system
  • To satisfy our customers with the delivery of our up-to-date products and introduce modern technology and know-how.

Core Values

The values of our company rest in our vision and overall mission which, brings its customers to the center of our service. Thus to deliver our products with maximum satisfaction to our customers, our professional staff and the management team of Agmas Medical believes in:

  • Respecting customers
  • Providing quality products and services
  • Efficiency 
  • Being Ethical
  • Honesty
  • Courtesy
  • Integrity and
  • Responsiveness

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