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Addis International Bank

Addis International Bank is a collective formation and effort of shareholders, Cooperatives, Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), Iddirs, other business organizations, and individual citizens. In February 2002 EC(Ethiopian Calendar), Addis International Bank held its first general assembly, which had an outcome of shareholders owning more than 152,000,000 Million Birr and over 106,000,000 Paid-up capital. The number of shareholders has exceeded 8,500.

Services provided by Addis International Bank

Retail Banking
Saving Account

This is a savings account where it is to be operated by a passbook and contains an attractive interest rate. The minimum deposit required by Addis International Bank is 50 Birr. The bank demands customers who are interested in having such an account to fulfill a form and bring an ID Card that is valid and renewed as well as two photographs of passport size.

Special Saving Account

Addis International Bank provides a special saving account, where its customers can operate the account using a checkbook, with a good interest rate. A minimum deposit of 250 Birr is vital to have a special saving account, as well as a valid ID Card, 2 recent photographs of passport size, and a filled application form. This service by Addis International Bank has features from both savings and checking accounts, in which the customer is to have a checkbook to operate the account with allowed 5 withdrawals per month.

Current Account

This is an account where customers of Addis International Bank operate their current accounts using checkbooks. Additionally, customers get monthly statements and no limitations on withdrawings at any time. Depositing 250 Birr as an initial payment, having a valid trade license, ID Card, and two recent photographs with a filled application form are what AdiB requires to have a current account opened.

Time Deposit

This is an interest-bearing account, where individuals, businesses, companies, groups, and organizations are offered interest rates depending on excess deposited funds in their accounts for the short & long term. A minimum of 100 Birr is required by Addis International Bank for time deposit accounts, which have premature withdrawal allowance. Similar to any account openings procedure, the customer is required to have a valid and renewed ID Card & trade license, with two passport size photos and a filled application form.

Children Account

With an initial deposit of 25 Birr, guardians/parents can open a children’s account, which has an attractive interest rate. The account is to change to an ordinary account after the minor reaches 18 years old. To open an account, however, the guardian/parent must present his/her address with two passport photographs and either one of the following:

  • Valid ID card
  • A church certificate
  • A municipality certificate, or
  • A certificate from a hospital, etc which anyways proves the date of birth of the minor

Student/Education Saving

This is a saving account, with an initial deposit of 25 Birr, for students who want to pursue higher education(Masters & PhD) with an attached loan for them. Quarter statements are issued since there is no passbook to operate the account with. The customer, who is a student, must have a regular income. To apply for a loan, the student can borrow to finance his/her higher education journey, but he/she must maintain the account for at least one year. Interest is dipped into the student’s account, and an ATM card can be issued for free.

Consumer Goods Purchase Saving

Customers of Addis International Bank can have an interest-bearing deposit account for loans that the bank allows for the purchase of consumer goods like vehicles & household equipment and furniture. The account, with an initial deposit of 25 Birr and operated via a passbook, can be opened by a legal person and or the account holder him/herself. This account comes with an attached consumer loan, only if:

  • The account holder has a regular and stable income
  • Presented collaterals that AdiB accepts
  • When the minimum savings reaches at least 50% of consumer goods total amount

To open an account:

  • Two recent photographs
  • Valid ID card
  • An application letter
  • Company letter verifying the account holder’s data, and
  • Other relevant documents as per the bank credit checklist

Housing Purchase/Construction Saving

This is an interest-bearing deposit account, where its deposited amount can be used as collateral for residential house construction or purchase. The account, which can be operated by a passbook, can be opened with a 25 Birr deposit, and either in person or via a legal agent. If the customer reaches 40% of the total cost of the house to be purchased/constructed, Addis International Bank is to avail the loan, as it is attached with the account. However, the account holder must have a regular income for the account to be eligible for such a loan.

Addis International Bank Credit Service

Term Loan

This is a loan that is to be repaid within a fixed time plus with additional interest, as the loan is used to finance working capital. depending on the nature of the business and cash flow status, the repayment process can be made in chunks regularly, in which Addis international Bank may give its loans services within short, medium, and long term loans.

Addis International Bank  provides these Term Loans: Agriculture Term Loan, and Manufacturing Term Loan

Revolving Credit

This is a short term targeting the exporters once they submit their export documents short of a bill of lading.

Pre-Shipment Credit

This is a renewable, short-term/one-time loan that is also given out to exporters so they can be capable of purchasing exportable commodities, processing, and make it ready for exports. The Pre-Shipment Credit can be issued with or without a DBE guarantee against the submission of Sales Contracts & Export Letter of Credit, which is to be used to address the financial needs of the exporters


These are renewable, short-term advances, by which Addis International Bank customers are capable of withdrawing beyond what the maintained deposits they have in their current accounts.

Import Letter of Credit

This is a credit facility, provided by Addis International Bank to its customers who are engaged in import and export businesses upon payment of some percentage of the document.

Merchandise Loans

These are advances of short-term, which go against the merchandise or documentary proof, such as:

  • Railway Receipt
  • Warehouse Receipt, and
  • Airway Bills
  • Such loans are to be used as collateral when pledging by Addis International Bank.

Letter of Guarantee

This is a written promise by Addis International Bank that they will pay a sum of money to a recipient, either local or foreign, if the obligor, its customer, fails to satisfy his/her/its obligations in alliance with the terms and conditions of the contract. There are several types of guarantees that the bank provides, which include:

  • Advance payment Guarantee
  • Bid Bond Guarantee
  • Performance Bond Guarantee

International Banking at Addis International Bank

FX Permits

Addis International Bank offers an attractive interest rate for excess funds deposited in the fixed deposit account by the account holders, The bank offers that for both short & long term tenors. Additionally, customers can get easy access to foreign exchange facilities. Addis International Bank also has the following included in its FX Permits:

  • Import & Export transactions
  • Invisible payments
  • Franco valuta import
  • Small items export
  • Trade Services

Addis International Bank offers trade services, which are transacted all over the world, in its international banking service for:
Import & Exports Made by:

  • Advance Payments
  • Consignments
  • Irrevocable & Confirmed Irrevocable Letter of Credits (LC)
  • Cash Against Documents (Documentary Collections)
  • Letter of Guarantee:
  • Bid Bond Guarantees
    Performance Bond Guarantee
    Advance Payment Guarantee

Foreign Currency Management

Addis International Bank opens and maintains the following foreign currency denominated accounts to its eligible customers: Customers of Addis Intercan maintain foreign currency in several types of accounts, provided by the bank, which are:

  • Non-residential (N/R) and Foreign Currency Accounts
  • Diaspora Foreign Currency Accounts
  • Retention Accounts

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