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[Eth. Br. Nine Thousand Six Hundred Sixty only]

N.B – Eth. Br. – Ethiopian Birr

Ethiopia Market publishes Ethiopian based best business opportunities and market information such as exporters, importers, manufacturers & Service providers. We business report on the entire continent and regularly feature articles on all issues, including business, tourism, community development, Ethiopian Business Directory.

No other site does what we do. This broad scope of Ethiopian content is found only on Ethiopia Market.

Ethiopia Market – Audience & Usage

Ethiopia Market as the premier website in our market, our global reach extends throughout Ethiopia, Africa, Europe, South and North America. The Ethiopia Market audience is highly educated and affluent.

Sectors well represented in our audience include:

  • Business executives
  • Travelers
  • Local and International investors
  • Government and private agency decision makers
  • Diplomats
  • Development and International Organization staff
  • Scholars and academics
  • International volunteers


Ethiopia Market can customize advertising and sponsorship packages to meet campaign budgets and audience targets. We work closely with advertisers to help structure campaigns reflecting specific corporate or institutional goals.

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