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Mela Chemical Products Development & Consultancy Service PLC

Mela chemical products development & consultancy service plc is serving Large, medium and small-scale industries for their raw material and manufacturing ...

Sachem Import and Export PLC

Sachem Import and Export PLC in Ethiopia is a company acting as a trading house established in 2009 serving the East African markets. ...

UPL Limited

UPL Limited, formerly United Phosphorus Limited, is an Indian multinational company with operations in Ethiopia that manufactures and markets agrochemicals, ...

Zhoga Chemical Products PLC

Zhoga Chemical Products PLC (ዦጋ የኬሚካል ምርቶች ኃ/የተ/የግ/ማ) was established in September 2016 in Ethiopia by visionary professionals ...

Merry Chemicals

Merry Sanitation Chemicals Manufacturer (MSCM) was founded in 2013 in Ethiopia and is involved in the manufacturing and chemical supply sector. ....

YAB Chemicals

YAB CHEMICALS is serving industries as well as medium, small and micro scale enterprises for their raw material & manufacturing needs. ...

Allied Chemicals Plc

Allied Chemicals PLC is a manufacturing company established in 2009 for producing Sodium Silicate which is an essential raw material for Soap & Detergent, ...

Jigra International Business Plc

Jigra International Business PLC was established in 2009 and became fully operational at the beginning of 2010. Since the date of its establishment, ...

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