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Wegagen Bank

In November 1996, Wegagen Bank was established by 16 founding members with an initial capital of 30 Million Birr. With over 4,000 Employees, ...

Oromia Bank

Oromia International Bank (OIB) was founded on the 18th of September, 2008, and commenced its operations on the 25th of October, 2008. ...

Nib Bank

Among the banks in Ethiopia, NIB Bank emerges to be a competitive one. Established in May 1999, NIB Bank was the 6th private bank in Ethiopia. More than 700 ...

Lion Bank

In October 2006, Lion International Bank or Anbessa Bank was founded by a large number of shareholders of more than 3,700. The subscribed capital reached a ...

Hibret Bank

Hibret Bank priority is to strengthen its capital base, maximizing its return on equity and benefiting from the latest technology in order to keep alongside ...

Enat Bank

A diversified group of 11 Ethiopian Women founded Enat Bank, with a vision to maximize women’s economic capabilities and to be an inclusive bank. ...

Debub Global Bank

Established in August 2012 with a subscribed capital of 267 Million Birr, Debub Global Bank has been raising the bars of the standard and modern bank, with ...

Cooperative Bank of Oromia

Cooperative Bank of Oromia was formed on the 24th of October, 2004 with an authorized capital of Birr 300 million, and paid-up share capital of birr 112 ...

Berhan Bank

In June 2009, Berhan Bank was established with a vision to be trustworthy and excellent banking services for the Ethiopian people. With an authorized  300 ...

Addis International Bank

Addis International Bank is a collective formation and effort of shareholders, Cooperatives, Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), Iddirs, other business ...

Bunna Bank

Bunna Bank S.C. is among the private banks in Ethiopia which has recently has joined the Banking business of Ethiopia following the ideal monetary improvements ...

Dashen Bank

Dashen Bank as of date has an asset of ETB 28 Billion and over 1.5 million customers.  Dashen Bank has also established strong correspondent banking ...

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